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The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire


There are many ways to make money in The Sims 4. Both hobbies and careers can be very lucrative and provide your Sims with plenty of simoleons to live life to the fullest, but I’m more interested in making money in more creative ways. I’m especially interested in making money as an occult Sim. I’ve always found juggling regular hobbies or a career with my Sims’ supernatural lifestyles to be a hassle. I just want to focus on supernatural stuff so I need ways to make money doing things that compliment my Sims’ occult lifestyles.

Today, I’ll be showing you some good ways to make money as a vampire in The Sims 4. Some honest ways and some… questionable ways.

Become a Pipe Organist

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Pipe organs came with the Vampires game pack and offer your vampires a suitably morose way to spend their long nights of immortality. But the pipe organ isn’t just a pointless hobby. It can be a way for your vampires to make money! Just like the piano and other instruments in the game, your Sims can go out to any community lot that has a pipe organ and start practicing. Nearby Sims will stop to watch and if they like what they hear, they’ll shower your Sim in tips. If you have the Get Famous expansion pack, your vampires can even become celebrities performing on the pipe organ for adoring audiences.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

If you find having to perform every night to make a living tedious, or if your vampire is a recluse who doesn’t want to spend their time mingling amongst mortals, the pipe organ still offers a way to make an income. When your vampire reaches level 8 of the Pipe Organ skill, they can write songs on the Pipe Organ. Writing a song takes quite a long time but what is time to an immortal vampire? Once the song is finished, they can use the mailbox to license it. They’ll receive daily royalty payments from any licensed songs so writing and licensing pipe organ music can be a great way for your vampire to make a steady, daily income.

Sell Vampire Concoctions

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

This method requires a bit more of an investment than the pipe organ. Your vampire Sim will have to master the Vampire Lore skill by reading tomes and spend a lot of time gardening to stock up on ingredients. For the vampire looking for ways to pass time, however, selling vampire drinks can be a great money-making option.

There are several vampire-related drinks that can be mixed up at any bar, but your vampire will have to learn the recipes by learning the Vampire Lore skill. They’ll have to build the skill all the way up to level 15 and max it out to learn all of the special mixology recipes.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

  • Plasma Jane – A delicious plasma-based drink sure to please vampires… but no one else.
  • Vampire Resistance Cocktail – A protective drink humans can gulp down to make them more resistant to vampire powers.
  • Sunlight Reversal Cocktail – This drink will not only allow your vampire to walk in the sun without the Sun Resistance ability for a period of time, but also replenish their vampire energy while they are out in the daylight!
  • Draught of Reconfiguration – Reset your vampire’s abilities and weaknesses and refund your power points so you can select new ones.
  • The Ultimate Vampire Cure – This very rare and expensive drink will make a vampire human again!

Each recipe requires plasma fruit, wolfsbane, and/or garlic to make, so that’s where gardening comes into play. If you want to sell many of these drinks to make a living off of, you’re going to need a lot of these three ingredients. If your vampire does not have the Full Sun Resistance ability, it’s probably best to give them an indoor garden or only have them garden at night. The Garlic Immunity ability is also recommended. Without it, they’ll find themselves feeling pretty sick and miserable near all the garlic in their garden.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Once you have the recipe, ingredients, and required simoleons to craft the drink, your vampire can start mixing up these special brews to sell. No mixology skill is required to make any of the drinks! Just the Vampire Lore skill to learn the recipes.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

There are several ways to sell the drinks your vampire makes. If you own the Get To Work expansion, they can invest in a retail business. This involved more time, effort, and money, but it can be a good way for your vampire to keep busy. If you own any expansion pack that comes with a market table (Jungle Adventure, City Living, or Eco Lifestyle), your vampire can also sell their drinks at the market table. For base game players, use the cheat bb.showhiddenobjects to find the hidden market table that was part of the Sims Sessions event back in the summer of 2021. Selling at the market tables requires lots of Sims to show up for the yard sales, though, and not a lot of Sims may show up to buy late at night. If your vampire can’t be out during the day, this may not be the best option for them.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Of course, the easiest way to sell the drinks is to just quick-sell them directly from your Sim’s inventory.

Or… Just Be Evil

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Okay okay, I get it. Becoming a pipe organist and an entrepreneur seems a little too… good for a vampire. I hear you and I agree. What’s the fun in being a boring good vampire? If things like morals and ethics aren’t something you’re concerned about, there is another way for a vampire to make a decent living without lifting a finger.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Simply move in a bunch of unsuspecting human Sims and turn them into your prisoners! That’s right. Trap a bunch of poor unfortunate souls in a dungeon and let them make all your money for you. Give them a bed, a cooler, a toilet, a shower, and an object they can make money from. Everything they need to stay alive… and productive. Have them paint, write songs on musical instruments, knit, cross-stitch, make wood carvings, candles, flower arrangements, the list goes on and on. Then sell the fruits of their labour and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

The Sims 4: How to Make Money as a Vampire

Oh, and the money-making prisoners do come with the added perk of being a constant fresh source of plasma for your vampire. No more prowling the streets at night! Plenty of food in the dungeon!

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for playing vampires in new and lucrative ways! How do your vampires make a living? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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