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The Sims 4: Let’s Build The Roost From Animal Crossing


On the 5th November 2021, we see the long-awaited return of Brewster and The Roost to Animal Crossing New Horizons. I thought it would be fun to recreate The Roost in The Sims 4. Not only was I looking forward to recreating this, but also it would be a bit of a challenge too. I rarely make non-residential lots at the moment, so I felt a little out of the loop when it came to building one.

I decided to build this version of The Roost in Windenburg. After being torn between which neighbourhood to build within, I settled on the Olde Platz neighbourhood, where I chose a small 20×20 with views looking over the water.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build The Roost From Animal Crossing

After a quick bit of searching on Google and YouTube to get some reference points for this build, I was ready to go. While I have played Animal Crossing New Leaf, I wasn’t confident in my memory of what The Roost looked like, especially as it also appeared in earlier games too. Most of my Animal Crossing knowledge is limited to Animal Crossing New Horizons, as well as Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. For the purpose of this build, I was going to use the New Leaf version of The Roost as my main reference.

Now that I was feeling a little more confident in what I was building, I set about creating the basic shell of The Roost.

The Sims 4: Let’s Build The Roost From Animal Crossing

Initially I considered setting the Lot Type to a Restaurant so that I could utilize The Sims 4 Dine Out’s features, but after looking into it more felt that doing that would take away the charm of The Roost and simply overcomplicate things. Instead, I kept it simple and set the Lot Type to a Café.

With the basic shell taking shape, it was time to start furnishing the inside of the café.

As this was a much smaller build than what I normally build, it didn’t take me too long to furnish it. In fact it was relatively straight forward. While I was looking back at the photos and videos of The Roost from Animal Crossing New Leaf, the interior of the café was pretty simple and straight forward. I tried my best to stay true to the original look of The Roost as best as I could, using the items from the game.

I found myself gravitating towards using items from The Sims 4 Cottage Living, Get Together and Industrial Loft. There was a lot of trial and error, but overall I think it came together nicely. I’m sure Brewster would be proud, at least I hope he would be!

Check out the gallery below and take a closer look at the inside of The Roost!

This was definitely a lot of fun to create, and I know this will be somewhere that my Sims will be visiting on a regular basis be it to catch up with friends or even take to the stage!

Whether you will be visiting The Roost in Animal Crossing New Horizons or in The Sims 4, I’m sure Brewster will be happy to see you!

The Sims 4: Let’s Build The Roost From Animal Crossing

You can download this lot from The Gallery using the information below

  • Gallery ID – LeeksEverywhere
  • Lot Name – The Roost
  • Lot Size – 20×20
  • Type – Café
  • Value – $30,458

Let us know if you download The Roost, as we would love to see your screenshots of it in your game!

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