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The Sims 4 Sims Delivery Express: NEW DELIVERY! (December 15th, 2021)

The Sims Team has just dropped a brand new Delivery into The Sims 4 Base Game!

Through Sims Delivery Express you are able to download new Create A Sim Content, Build Mode Content and small bug fixes and improvements into your game straight through The Sims 4. Simply open up The Sims 4 and your game should automatically check for new content.

If not, go into Game Options > Sims Delivery and Check for new Content. This method of bringing new content into your game works both on PC and Consoles! Note that you will have to restart your game in order to obtain new content. You can select “Yes, Restart Now” for the game to restart automatically for you.

Sims Delivery Express – December 15th, 2021 Content

The latest delivery express is introducing a set of new Build Objects themed around the holiday season! The set includes new recipes, a drink and clutter decorative objects that you can use to decorate your home.

Catalogue Overview

Below is a preview of all the new Build/Buy décor objects. They can be found in the Wall Décor, Misc. Décor, and Clutter sections.


There is one new drink recipe and one new cooking recipe. Coquitos require Mixology skill level 2 to mix at the bar. Hallacas require Cooking skill level 3 to make on the stove.

A coquito and hallacas in single, family, and party sized servings

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