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The Sims 4: Festive Gameplay & Building Prompts

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The Festive Season now here, I’m sure many of us will be looking for ideas and inspiration on how to make our games more festive.  With a variety of prompts covering gameplay, building or creating Sims, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help get you started!

The Sims 4: Festive Gameplay & Building Prompts

Winterfest Village by Tazreentasnim


  • Retell a classic Christmas story through The Sims
  • Create your own Winterfest Story
  • Make your own Winterfest Tradition
  • Hangout with friends at a Bonfire
  • Take to the Slopes in Mt. Komorebi
  • Host a movie night with your Sims
  • Go Camping in Granite Falls
  • Attend a Festival with Family and Friends
  • Decorate or Sabotage the Tree
  • Present Exchange
  • Winter Photo Shoot
  • Build Snowpals
  • Host a Grand Meal
  • Get to know Father Winter
  • Visit a Winter Wonderland

The Sims 4: Festive Gameplay & Building Prompts

Winterfest Room by Flubber32c4

Create A Sim

  • Winterfest Eve Pyjama Movie Night
  • Winterfest Jumper Day
  • Winterfest Dinner – Formal and/or Casual
  • Winterfest Party
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Carol Singing
  • A Trip to the Theatre/Pantomime
  • Ice Skating/Snowboarding/Sledding/Skiing Look
  • Novelty Winterfest Outfit

The Sims 4: Festive Gameplay & Building Prompts


  • Winter Wonderland
  • Snow Globe
  • Father Winter’s Grotto
  • Festive Cottage
  • Gingerbread House
  • Winterfest Market/Shop
  • Winterfest Home Make Over
  • Winterfest Village
  • Winterfest Room
  • Festive Bakery
  • Recreate a home from a Festive movie
  • Winterfest Inspired Room
  • Log/Mountain Cabin
  • Ice Rink
  • Winterfest Lights Display

The Sims 4: Festive Gameplay & Building Prompts

Winterfest Cabin by AriaFaeYT

While this is no means a definitive list of ideas to make your game feel more festive, it is definitely a good starting point. There are a number of ways you can have the ultimate Winterfest season with your Sims be that through gameplay and storytelling or building.

Let us know how you plan to spend the festive season with your Sims in the comments below and over on social media!

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