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The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook


Are you in the festive spirit, Simmers? If not, maybe our Winterfest lookbook will get you in the mood to celebrate the holidays. Winterfest is nearly upon us, and that means ugly holiday sweaters and Father Winters at every shopping mall.

As usual, our looks are CC-free and only use a limited number of packs. For this lookbook, we’ve used the base game, Seasons, the free Holiday DLC, and one other pack to compliment some of our looks.

Santa Baby

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

Santa, baby, slip a Sable under the tree for me… This sultry, seductive holiday look complete with a string of pearls and fishnet stockings will have Father Winter doing a double take when he hurries down your chimney tonight. Hey, if our Sims weren’t supposed to woo Father Winter, there wouldn’t be a Father Winter’s Baby trait, am I right?

Hair: Chin-Length Bob (Seasons)

Body: Santa Mini-Dress (Seasons)

Shoes: Rounded Toe High Heels (Base Game)

Accessories: Santa Hat (Seasons) / Pearl Necklace (Cottage Living) / Nails & Leggings (Base Game)

Makeup: Eyeshadow, Contour, & Lips (Base Game – MAC Cosmetics) / Eyeliner (Base Game)

Bow Ties & Christmas Trees

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

A classy Winterfest look perfect for any young Sim!

Hair: Smart Side Swept (Vintage Glamour)

Top: Christmas Cardigan (Seasons)

Bottoms: Black Jeans (Base Game)

Shoes: Black & White Lace Ups (Base Game)

Accessories: White Socks (Base Game)

The Dad Look

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

No, Dad, we really don’t want to take a family Winterfest photo in matching PJs. Dad, please, you’re embarrassing me with that ugly Winterfest sweater! UGH, not this joke again… Yep, that’s right, Dad has woken up on Christmas morning and he’s ready to embarrass the whole family in his super not-cool plaid PJ bottoms, bunny slippers, and silly hat. He may not be on anyone’s Cool list, but he’s definitely on Father Winter’s Nice list and we love Dad anyway.

Hair: Short Curls (Base Game)

Top: Snowpal Sweater (Holiday DLC)

Bottom: Plaid PJs (Base Game)

Shoes: Fluffy Bunny Slippers (Base Game)

Accessories: Reindeer Hat (Holiday DLC)

Misc: Facial Hair (Base Game)

Cute Little Elf

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

Now, you can’t forget about our Toddler Sims getting into the Festive Spirit! This cute little Elf outfit is adorable and perfect to wear throughout Christmas Day while spending time with family and having fun!

Hair: Twin Ponytails (Base Game)

Full Body: Little Elf (Seasons)

The Winterfest Ball

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

You’ll be the belle of the ball this holiday season in this elegant floor-length white glittery ballgown with a tint of blue. Chandelier earrings, a beaded choker, and a warm fluffy hat adorned with holly top off this truly magical look that’s reminiscent of a Hallmark holiday movie.

Hair: Side Swept Waves (Base Game)

Body: Snowflake Ballgown (Holiday DLC)

Shoes: Rounded Toe High Heels (Base Game)

Accessories: Holly Hat (Seasons) / Chandelier Earrings & Beaded Choker (Fashion Street Kit) / Nails (Base Game)

Makeup: Eyeshadow, Contour, & Lips (Base Game – MAC Cosmetics) / Eyeliner (Base Game)

Pretty in Pink

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

The ultimate fairytale Christmas look! Perfect to wear throughout the day or even during Christmas Dinner.

Hair: Short Clipped Back Waves (Vintage Glamour)

Full Body: Pink Sequin Dress (Holiday Celebration)

Shoes: Smart Shoes (Base Game)

Accessories: White Socks, Bracelets, Necklace and Glasses (Base Game)

Makeup: Purple Nails (Base Game)

Bah Humbug

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

Ah, those unruly teen years. Too cool for Winterfest but too young to be able to do whatever you want. This reluctant teen’s parents have forced him to at least wear red and green for the family Winterfest photo but he’s still sticking it to the man with his red hoodie, combat boots, and green plaid punk rocker jeans with pointless zippers in random places. Take that, Winterfest!

Hair: Short Curls (Base Game)

Top: Baggy Hoodie (Realm of Magic)

Bottoms: Plaid Zipper Pants (Base Game)

Shoes: Combat Boots (Realm of Magic)

Accessories: Nails (Base Game)

Makeup: Eyeliner & Eyeshadow (Base Game)

Misc: Facial Hair (Base Game)

Oh, Little Christmas Tree

The Sims 4: Winterfest Lookbook

How adorable would your Toddler Sims look dressed in this Christmas Tree one piece? 

Full Body: Christmas Tree One Piece (Seasons)


This post was a collaboration between Krista and SnarkyWitch!

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