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The Sims 4 Creator Spotlight: DustinTimeYT


We love showcasing talented creators at Sims Community so today, we’re here to spotlight an amazing builder who blends form and function to create incredible lots that are not only beautiful but functional and enjoyable for Sims to spend time in as well!

The Sims 4 Creator Spotlight: DustinTimeYT
DustinTimeYT is a builder who thinks outside the box with his amazing designs and fun, functional spaces. His builds aren’t just for show; he makes sure all his builds can be played in Live Mode with no issues. I am always speechless when he uploads something new. He always thinks of a way to use game objects in a completely new way I haven’t thought of before without rendering the space unusable. I definitely study some of his techniques for inspiration in my own builds.

He builds both gorgeous homes and community lots so you can really go to town filling up your worlds with a variety of his creations. I am especially fond of the commercial lots he builds since public spaces are not my strong suit when it comes to building. Below are just two of my current favourites I’m using in my game.

Planet Honey Pop!

The Sims 4 Creator Spotlight: DustinTimeYT

This atrocious EA build was in desperate need of a makeover and WOW! Dustin turned a very drab EA build into an eye-catching, fun space for Sims to enjoy. I’ve had plenty of fun nights out with my Sims here. Not only is there a bar and karaoke, but Dustin has also included a variety of other fun activities for Sims to enjoy, like the bubble blowers in the loft and ahem… walk-in closets for when things go really well on your date, if ya know what I mean. *wink*

Corner Cup Cafe

Dustin’s really embraced the idea of compact living by combining an apartment shell with a fully furnished, functional attached café. However, the space does not feel cramped at all. The café has a very open, smooth layout. It’s clear that Dustin has thought about the functionality of the space here; there’s lots of space around the barista station so the crowds of Sims all trying to order coffee at once will not obstruct other Sims from enjoying the space. I love that there’s more for my Sims to do than just sit around drinking coffee, too. My Sim and his club regularly hang out here to enjoy the darts, foosball table, and outdoor seating area as well as the coffee. While I am not normally a fan of shell builds, choosing to make the apartment portion a shell makes a lot of sense for this lot. Sims cannot live at cafés so furnishing the apartment portion would have just caused Sims to hang out inside apartments they don’t even own rather than the focal point of the lot, which is the café. Once again, Dustin has put a lot of thought into how the lot will function during gameplay.

I’ve just showcased a couple of my favourites that I’m using in my own game at the moment but Dustin has so many more amazing builds in his Gallery! You can follow him in The Sims 4 Gallery by searching the ID DustinTimeYT. He also has a YouTube channel with the same name where he uploads speed builds of his creations and let’s plays!

DustinTimeYT is a must-follow creator so if you haven’t checked out his stuff yet, give him a follow!

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