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The Sims 4 LUX Lights Mod Kit Reveal


Arnie is a popular modder within The Sims 4 community and is always pushing the boundaries of the game with his mods. Now you may recognize his name from the likes of his Farmland, Create Your Style, Plumfruit 2 + Simstagram and World Edit mods. Now, Arnie is back with a brand new mod kit.

The LUX Lights Mod Kit takes your lighting options in The Sims 4 to the next level!

Featuring a number of new ways to explore lighting, including LED lighting strips, modular lights, neon lights and vintage lightbulbs, there is an option for every type of room. However, that’s not all!

The Sims 4 LUX Lights Mod Kit RevealYou will be able to customize the new lighting options in more depth than before. With a specially created pie menu, customize each individual lights colour and intensity or even a full group of lights in one go.

Take a look at the LUX Lights Mod Kit Trailer below!

The LUX Lights Mod Kit is out now for early access download and will be publicly available soon! Check out the link below to find out more and download the Mod Kit!

LUX Lights Mod Kit Download

Don’t forget to follow Arnie for all the latest updates on his current and upcoming mods!

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