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Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!

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Spring is right around the corner; the season of love and love is certainly in the air for our Sims! To celebrate, we thought we’d share some of our favourite romantic spots in The Sims 4! Places that are perfect for first dates, romantic pictures, proposals, and even WooHoo!

Here are our top 12 picks for romantic locations in The Sims 4!

Von Haunt Estate, Windenburg

This gorgeous location is the perfect setting for both weddings and romantic strolls. With picturesque gardens, an interactive maze, a wedding arch next to a waterfall, and the immortalized love story of Lord and Lady Shallot preserved in plaques located around the grounds, you can’t go wrong with taking your special someone here.

The Bluffs, Windenburg

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
While the graffiti on the ruins might be a turn-off for some people, there’s no denying the privacy this intimate locale offers Sims. A natural pool sits on a cliff overlooking breathtaking waters and tall crumbling ruins keep prying eyes away. There’s also a bonfire for cozying up and a WooHoo bush here so it’s a good location for getting frisky.

The Ruins, Windenburg

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
The ruins in Windenburg are another secretive location tucked away from civilization. There isn’t much here when it comes to activities but it’s certainly an intimate spot to profess your love for someone. You can get some amazing pictures here.

San Myshuno Meadows, San Myshuno

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
If you haven’t explored San Myshuno Meadows yet, it’s a must-see location for both you and your date! There’s a wedding arch and reception hall already set up on the lot itself, making it perfect for weddings but there’s so much to see in this entire expansive area. One spot in particular down by the water is truly gorgeous. Trumpeter swans glide gracefully across the water in front of a towering cityscape that looks spectacular at night. I had a pair of Sims have their wedding photos taken in this exact spot.

The Pinnacles, Del Sol Valley

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
Believe it or not, Del Sol Valley has some hidden romantic gems. Namely, this overlook in The Pinnacles right behind Judith Ward’s home. It’s a beautiful location even during the day but at night, the cityscape below lights up and offers a pretty incredible backdrop for pictures and romantic moments. I’ve had a few Sims get engaged at this location.

Lover’s Point, Forgotten Hollow

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
You might not think of creepy Forgotten Hollow when thinking about romantic places to take your date but this gloomy Victorian town has an eerie charm to it. There is a lone tree next to a bench on an overlook at the end of a winding trail in Forgotten Hollow known as Lover’s Point and it can be quite an intimate place for a confession of love or a proposal, especially for our vampire Sims.

The Lighthouse, Brindleton Bay

This is one of my favourite romantic spots in the entire game. The lighthouse in Brindleton Bay isn’t just world décor; your Sims can actually go up to the top of the lighthouse and take in the amazing ocean views. It’s a perfect spot for proposals… and WooHoo! That’s right, Sims can WooHoo inside the lighthouse, too. My Sims shared their first kiss and got engaged right here at the top of this lighthouse.

The Waterfall, Sulani

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
If you visit the island of Mua Pel’am in Sulani, there’s a waterfall tucked away in a little nook near the volcano. Sims can play in the water here and WooHoo behind the waterfall! Who wouldn’t want to get romantic in the waters of a tropical paradise?

The Portal, Glimmerbrook

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
For those looking for a more whimsical locale to stoke the flames of romance, the portal in Glimmerbrook is a beautiful spot. It stands on an ancient platform at the top of a waterfall and has an ethereal glow surrounded by the mists of the waterfall rising up behind it. Of course, spellcaster Sims will find even more incredibly romantic spots if they step through the portal…

The Ruined Castle, Britechester

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
It breaks my heart that this crumbling castle, along with all the terrain directly around it, is unroutable, making it impossible for our Sims to get anywhere close to it, not even with mods or cheats. None of the surrounding terrain is clickable at all. Still, a kiss on a rainy day along the bridges or paths below makes for a very romantic moment with the castle in the distance.

Wakaba, Mt. Komorebi

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
There’s no shortage of amazing views and romantic locations in Mt. Komorebi but the Wakaba district’s tranquil beauty cannot be overstated enough. Its winding stone pathways between peaceful rivers, lush temperate vegetation, bamboo fences and Japanese bridges is such a beautiful spot to go on a romantic walk with someone you love.

The Bramblewood, Henford-on-Bagley

Top 12 Romantic Spots in The Sims 4!
There is something truly magical about the Bramblewood. It gives me goosebumps every time I visit it. It’s beautiful as it is during the day but at night, faerie lights strung from the trees cast a romantic glow over the area and the ancient crumbling ruins in the centre of this area light up as a stunning centrepiece of any romantic moment.

What’s your favourite romantic spot in The Sims 4? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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