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New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


The latest update for The Sims 4 has brought in SEVEN new and improved Scenarios!

The new update for The Sims 4 focuses heavily on the first iterations of new features we’ve gotten last year. The Sims Team has put a heavy spotlight on the new Story Progression features (and rightfully so), however there’s a big revamp going on with Scenarios as well! Let’s dive into the new Scenarios and changes that The Sims Team has made.

Scenario Difficulty

Each Scenario in The Sims 4 is now tagged with an according difficulty that will let you know how difficult each scenario is. There are 3 difficulty levels, including:

  • Easy
  • Intermediate
  • Hard

Check out what they look like now in-game:

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4

Play Scenario with Existing Household!

Previously this feature has allowed you to start a Scenario of your choice only through a New  Household. The latest update for the game allows you to incorporate your existing Household and Start a Scenario using your favorite Household!

To do so select a Scenario of your choice, select View > Play with Existing Household.

Please note that there are some Scenarios in the game that only let you begin through an entirely new Household. However, you are still able to Start a Scenario through any Save Game of your choice if you’d like to do so.

When selecting Play with Existing Household you’ll be immediately taken to a new screen that lets you Manage Households and choose which Household you want to start a Scenario with.

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4

New Scenarios

There’s a bunch of Permanent New Scenarios added into The Sims 4 with the latest update! Scenarios such as Too Many Toddlers and Troublemaker have also gotten a refresh with some new ground rules and outcomes. Let’s break it down:


Master the art of parenting to score the happy toddler reward trait – now with more than 3 toddlers!

Toddlers can be a handful! They need tons of care and attention to become the best versions of themselves. But what if there are too many to handle?? To all the brave Simmers out there, can your Sim figure out how to give more than three toddlers all they need to reach level three in four skills so they can get the Happy Toddler Reward Trait on their birthdays?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Become your best self-interested baddie

Working as a Secret Agent can make a Sim cynical about the world, but it also means they get to strut around in glamorous clothing, playing high-stakes poker and being very picky about how drinks are prepared. That luxurious lifestyle sure is appealing. Why settle for just acting rich when your Sim can start living as their best villainous self?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Klutzy in the kitchen

Your Sim may dream they will become a world-famous chef, however there’s just one little problem: this Sim is WAY more likely to accidentally start fires while cooking. They have some freakish bad luck. Can your Sim survive the dangerous journey to culinary excellence? Or, will they decide that playing with fire isn’t for them, and making fancy drinks seems like the safer route to success?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Old Habits or Fresh Start?

Who doesn’t remember those good ol’ teenage years? Energy we didn’t know where to channel, hormones dancing Tango with our mood and for some, the unshakable feeling of being invincible. Will your menace teenage-Sim use that energy to get into more trouble in their new school or will they surprise everyone with a fresh start?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Is anyone out there? Let’s go find out!

We’ve heard there are billions of planets in the Milky Way alone. Who can blame your Sim for thinking that there has to be more life out there? Help your Sim on their mission to space on the search for extraterrestrial life. First step: building a rocket! We wish your crew the best of luck for this courageous endeavor.

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Is this relationship a joke? Only you can write the punchline!

Without a doubt, laughter is one of the best ingredients for a happy relationship. This is also true for your aspiring comedian-Sim and their fiance. But ever since their romance died, “it’s complicated” doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship. Will your Sim be able to bring back the humor, make it big in showbiz, AND keep their personal life from falling apart?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4


Time to prove your street smarts!

You better have skills in this world to thrive and survive. Good thing there’s plenty of skills your Sims can acquire: Gardening, Painting, Programming, Baking, to name just a few. But what if things just don’t come easy to your Sim who cannot seem to ever get more skillful at… well, anything! Can your unskilled Sim figure out how to hack life and earn some sweet Simoleons?

New (and Improved) Scenarios in The Sims 4

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