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Invoke unhinged behavior in The Sims 4 with this Mod


The Random Texts and Calls Mod adds more challenging (and wholesome) text notifications and prompts for your Sims!

Are your Sims tired of constantly being reminded by townies to take a trip down to Batuu? Or just feel like the notifications from your Phone deserve a big refresher?

Modder kuttoe has stepped in with a brilliant solution that adds both wholesome and challenging text notifications to your phone.

As described by the modder, the mod comes with a whole lto of new text messages and phone calls that your Sims will receive from NPCs and Sims they’ve met. The Mod functions in an intelligent way, meaning that depending on the Traits of the townies that call you there are going to be different scenarios prompted to the Sim who receives the notification.

Check out the Mod summary and what it does:

Mod Description

This mod adds a plethora of random text messages and phone calls from NPCs to make your Sims’ relationships with others feel more alive. You can expect phone calls from your Sims’ parents, friends, and lovers as well as an assortment of strangers. Some of them are funny, others are wholesome, and some are just designed to torment your Sims (just like phone calls in real life!). The traits your Townies have will also affect what kind of phone calls you will receive and what Sims will want to talk about. The traits your active Sims have will also affect how they react to these calls; Outgoing and Cheerful Sims will love hearing from their friends, but don’t expect a Loner Sim to ever really be enthused about an unsolicited phone call, and your Unflirty Sims might not be keen on a sappy late night text from their SO.

Texts and Calls

There are many different types of text messages and phone calls you can expect to get during normal play. The ones available to you depend on who your Sim knows, who they’re friends with, and who is around in the world. Here are a few samples:

  •  If your Sim had a good relationship with their parents growing up, they may call to check in on your Sim or give them some money.
  • Bros will call their friends to talk about recent happenings in sports.
  • Geeks will call their friends to talk about new video games and TV series.
  • Erratic Sims will call their friends to talk about weird things they saw.
  • Self-Absorbed Sims will call just about anyone they know to talk about themselves.
  • Criminals in your world may call you to scam you out of your money.

… and more!


Not every Sim will react to these calls in the same way. How they feel about the call will depend on their personality traits, too. Loner Sims are unlikely to ever be enthused about receiving an unsolicited phone call, and they might become Angry after a barrage of texts from a Self-Absorbed Sim, but Outgoing Sims will reap the benefits of constant social interaction. Squeamish Sims might have a more severe reaction to hearing about the gross escapades of a Slob Sim. Paranoid Sims can overreact to being asked to support a local political campaign. Oblivious Sims may not be able to resist the obvious scam. There are lots of possibilities!

Twitter user @Acidlure helped us to discover this Mod through their funny and interesting screenshots of what just some of the Text Prompts and Phone Calls look like.

For example, Dina Caliente letting them know that they just finished their massive #2:

Invoke unhinged behavior in The Sims 4 with this Mod

Screen via @Acidlure

…or a successful attempt from Jacques Villareal at stealing 500 Simoleons through an “anonymous” credit card fraud.

Screens via @Acidlure

This Mod is out to public right now and already available in several translations contributed by the community. Those include English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portugese and Spanish.

Ready to make The Sims 4 unhinged? Click the download button below to get the Mod!


To install the Mod simply extract the contents of the .zip file to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Oh, and also by ensuring that Mods and CC are enabled in your game options.

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