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The impeccable Sims 4 Building Skills of MAIA


MAIAMakes has recreated many of the iconic builds and scenes from Studio Ghibli Movies in The Sims 4 – and more!

The impeccable Sims 4 Building Skills of MAIA

While browsing through our Discord server recently, I came across this beautiful recreation of Ponyo’s House from MAIA makes Sims. The build is part of the #MAIAmakesGhibli series, where Maia makes Sims recreates familiar locations from many of the Studio Ghibli movies. Ponyo’s House is just one of several builds from the series so far, with more on the way.

Here’s a closer look at Ponyo’s House!


Why not take a look at the full Speed Build to see how Maia brings Ponyo’s house to life!

Of course, after watching the Speed Build of Ponyo’s House, we had to check out more of the creations in the #MAIAmakesGhibli series! Here are some screenshots from Kiki’s House.


And the Kusakabe House from My Neighbour Totoro!


But wait, there’s more!

MAIA makes Sims has also created a number of other builds including the Hidden Totems Castle, Suburb Bungalow and Valentine Ballroom! Check out the gallery below to take a closer look at these amazing builds.

Hidden Totems Castle


Suburb Bungalow


Valentine Ballroom


Be sure to take a look at more of MAIA makes Sims beautiful creations by following them via the links below!

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