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Community Poll: Vote for Your Favourite Occult in The Sims 4!


Which one is your favorite?

Hey Simmers! We want to hear from you again! Occult Sims or supernatural Sims have been a beloved addition to The Sims series since its first incarnation. We were first introduced to witches and wizards in The Sims Makin’ Magic and its popularity has led to many more supernatural-themed add-on packs for the game in later installments.

The Sims 4 has a fair few occult Sims seven years into its run and we want to know which one is your favourite. Which occult Sim is the most loved by the fan base? You get to decide! You can only pick one, however, so make sure you give it some thought before casting your vote. You’ve only got one shot to tell the world which occult type is the best in The Sims 4.

Are you ready, Simmers? It’s time to decide which occult Sim is the community’s favourite!

Pick your favourite occult type in The Sims 4!

Let us know how you voted in the comments below!

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