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Build on ANY Lot in The Sims 4 with the Free Build Cheat


Stumbled across a World Lot that cannot be edited? Don’t worry, there’s a Cheat for that!

Have you ever wanted to be able to edit some of the special/hidden lots in The Sims 4? Normally, this isn’t possible. The game won’t let you enter Build Mode on these special lots, but with a nifty cheat, players can bypass this restriction and build their own custom hospitals, police stations, science labs and much more!

Special lot types cannot be edited unless you use the free build cheat, shown above

When your Sim travels to one of these special lots, open the cheat console with CTRL+SHIFT+C (for consoles, press all 4 back triggers) and enter the cheat bb.enablefreebuild into the cheat bar. Then confirm with either Enter or X/A on consoles.

After entering the cheat, you will see the message “Free build mode is enabled.” The Build/Buy icon is now clickable.

If you entered the cheat correctly, you’ll be told that free build is now enabled on that lot! Now you can go into Build Mode and customize these special lots any way you like. Keep in mind that some lots with special functions, like the Get To Work career lots, require specific items to remain functional so be careful not to break the lot’s functionality by forgetting something important.

Editing the hidden hospital lot using the free build cheat.

We traveled to the hospital lot and used the free build cheat to build a tiny island hospital for our Sims who live in Sulani.

The free build cheat can be used on all special and hidden lots that normally can’t be edited except for the Secret Lab lot in StrangerVille. The free build cheat will not allow you to edit the Secret Lab; it’s too important to the StrangerVille story to mess with.

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