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Euphoria CC Fashion for The Sims 4


Custom Content looks from HBO’s Euphoria TV Show!

Please note that this article only focuses on the looks of the TV Show Euphoria. The TV Show itself is rated for Mature Audience, meaning that anyone below the age of 17 shouldn’t be watching it. This article is here to spotlight the show’s fashion!

There is a brand new huge Euphoria Custom Content Collection by the creator Serenity-CC! On top of their huge collection there are also creations from other CC creators that we’ve linked below. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Second season of the original TV Show served some pretty iconic looks, such as Maddie and Cassie’s coordinated BFF set and Maddie’s breathtaking black dress with matching gloves. Most important of all, the second season was an inspiration for the “why aren’t you in your uniform” trend on TikTok:

That being said, if you don’t want you Sims to look basic and dress according to the Euphoria High rules, take a look at this pack, made by a very talented CC creator Serenity. 24 items with tops, bottom, full-body outfits and accessories, as well all the hair worn by our Sim models.


So, let’s get to the outfits! There are several recreated outfits and a couple of recognizable items that can be mixed an matched with other pack items, or if you are so inclined, with Maxis items.

If you’re trying to faithfully recreate Lexie’s Miu Miu moment, look no further! This pack has the dress and the shoes! Same goes for her party look with the yellow embroidered top.

Maddie stans can also rejoice, since she has the most inspired content! At least three outfits are dedicated to her – the baddie party look and the baby-sitter realness sweater, arguably the most recognizable pieces from the season.

Of course, there is the “totally realistic BFF matching school ensemble with Cassie” cardigan and wide leg leggings set. Bear in mind that these items have many more swatches, so they don’t have to be in lilac and green canon colors.

Cassie also got some attention, with the blue coordinating set and that scandalous pink bathing suit.

Jules has two dedicated outfits, with the iconic shape wear worn as a skirt and a jersey worn over the shape-wear? She goes to Euphoria High, so she can do whatever.


The best thing about this pack are the swatches! Yes, it’s possible to faithfully recreate looks, but more importantly, the items usually have unique swatches usable in non Euphoria inspired Sims. One of my personal favorites is the dress Kat originally wore, but has a lot more interesting patterns and colors, easy choices for a Young Adult party outfit.


If you ever wanted to highlight the better parts of the show, such as Euphoria’s fashion aesthetics, this Custom Content is linked down below!

To install this Custom Content, paste the package files to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder and ensure they’re enabled in the Game Options!

CC Creators Mentioned:

Euphoria Characters Household on The Gallery:

  • “Euphoria” Household under the “AFRICBLUE” Origin ID

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