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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Masculine Tattoos


Show some love to masculine Sims with this tattoo set made just for them!

There is no shortage of Maxis content and custom content for our feminine Sims but masculine Sims are often overlooked. It’s very difficult to find custom content in a masculine style; the vast majority of custom content available is feminine.

That’s why we’re showcasing some masculine custom content today! This set of tattoos for masculine Sims by gabeisagecko brings more variety to the masculine CAS assets and provides masculine Sims with some more tattoo options. We’re always a fan of new tattoos, since the existing selection in the game is a bit basic with limited placement options.

The Sims 4 Custom Content: Masculine Tattoos
Image Credit: gabeisagecko

The set comes with 6 tattoos for masculine frames. There are 3 olive branch tattoos, one for the chest, right arm, and right leg. There is a birds in flight design across the side of the torso and two script tattoos, one for the side of the torso and one for the chest.

Since tattoo placement categories are limited, some of the tattoos are categorized for different placements than where they appear on the body. Gabeisagecko lists the placement categories above underneath each tattoo.

The full set is available to download for free now! You can grab it from gabeisagecko’s Google Drive.

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