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Overview of the Mid-Century Modern Office CC Pack


Live out your Mad Man fantasy in The Sims 4!

Have you ever wanted to have a beautiful mid-century modern office, but for some reason were unable? Well, you can live your Mad Man fantasy with Pierisim CC Pack.

This pack is the first of, hopefully many, packs in the MCM House series. It has a whopping 62 items, ranging from doors and windows to desks/tables, shelves, and accessories. Everything is in muted, earthy tones with compatible swatches and a similar vibe.

Build items

Build items are where this pack shines! Doors, windows, and walls are very usable in any modern-ish and/or minimalist build.

The pack has three types of doors but in all three heights. Wide and narrow glass doors and full wood one-tile ones.

Windows follow the same minimalist aesthetic and come in all three sizes as well. Basically, when you just want A WINDOW. A glass rectangle. No funny business.

There’s also four wall paints – two wood panelings and two concrete. Ideal for an office or a secret basement.

Buy items

Buy items consist of three types of chairs (with or without a footstool and a desk chair), two desks/tables, shelves, curtains, computer and a plant. What else would you need in an office?

An interesting feature is wooden panels that can be used to create shelving with wooden backs! Or as a cubicle partition, depending on how much you hate your sims…

Furniture spotlight


You can download the full set for free right now!

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