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Simmer Builds the User Interface House from The Sims 4


The blank canvas home we didn’t know we needed. Until now!

You’ve probably seen the greyscale Build/Buy house in the catalogue by now if you’ve been playing The Sims 4 for any length of time. It represents the different Build/Buy features you can access in the catalogue and clicking on a piece of the house will take you to that category of items.

We never gave much thought to this house before. It was just… there. Existing. But now it exists in a different form! Simmer daniellebuilds has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Build/Buy house as a real build, greyscale colour palette and all!

Did we ever ask for this? No. Are we incredibly grateful that it exists? Absolutely! We love when Simmers think outside the box and create something we never expected and this is no exception! This is so fun and creative and seeing it made our day.
Simmer Builds the User Interface House from The Sims 4

You can download this build for yourself from the Gallery right now!

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