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The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit


Need inspiration for the best places to wear the Moonlight Chic attire? We got you, Sims fam!

The Sims Team has announced two new kits coming to The Sims 4. The Little Campers and Moonlight Chic kits will both be releasing across all platforms on May 26th. Little Campers is all about the kids while Moonlight Chic is inspired by the street fashion of Paris.

Moonlight Chic is definitely something we can envision our Sims wearing while strolling down the street after hours but we can think of a lot more events and functions our Sims can wear many of these individual pieces to. Get inspired by the many ways to rock the Moonlight Chic look with some of our suggestions!

The Nightclub

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

There is no place more appropriate for a disco ball crop top than the nightclub! Forget the actual disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Everyone will be looking at you as you sparkle and shine, spinning around in this vibrant, reflective piece!

A Romantic Dinner Date

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

This simple yet elegant flowing dress is the perfect attire for a romantic candlelit dinner with someone special. It’s understated in a very classy way and clings to your Sim’s figure in all the right places to get someone’s heart beating a little bit faster.


The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

What is brunch, anyway? Is it formal? Is it casual? When exactly does breakfast end and brunch begin? And when does brunch end and lunch begin? No one really knows, so cover all your bases the next time you get invited out to brunch with this not-too-professional-not-to-casual blazer jacket layered over a crop top and shorts.

A Sports Game

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

This bold sports jacket is perfect for just about any sporting event! Put on your lucky sports jacket before you attend the big game and there’s no way your favourite team will lose with such well-dressed fans in the stadium! Er… that’s how sports work, right?

Backyard Barbeque

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

No one wants to be that one overdressed guest at a summer BBQ but no wants to show up looking like a slob, either. Ensure that you look casually cool enough to sit on a patio eating hot dogs all afternoon with this pair of loose fitting shorts and a partially-unbuttoned oversized blouse complete with a French tuck for just a little bit… but not too much… sophistication.


The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

Graphic tees are always a tried-and-true fashion choice for attending a concert. Everyone wants to show their favourite bands just how much they adore them and the best way to do that? Plaster their faces all over every article of clothing you’re wearing, of course!

Dinner Party

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

Unlike brunch, dinner parties have a more clear dress code. You should dress to impress with something fancy that will show off to all your fair-weather friends how wealthy and successful you are. Ideally, more wealthy and successful than them. Make it clear just who is the Queen Bee of your friend circle by strutting into that dinner party in this fitted high-waisted blouse and shimmering skirt, topped off with a pair of strappy heels.

Girls’ Night

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

It’s the weekend and you’re ready to hit the bars and clubs with the other single ladies. You want to turn heads but you’re not there to go home with anyone; you’re there for a good time with your girls. This seductive bra top with a high cropped turtleneck layered over top will accomplish your goal of breaking all the hearts in the club when you leave them on the dance floor by themselves at the end of the night to go eat pizza with your gal pals in the back of a taxi.

The Gym

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

Every gym rat needs a good, sturdy pair of running shoes to support them during their intense workouts but don’t get caught lifting weights in a worn out dirty pair of shoes that might have been white at one point in time. Show everyone at the gym you value both function and fashion with these slick pair of sneakers.

Family Picnic

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

We get it. Great Aunt Nellie has invited you to the family reunion picnic and your grandma’s going to be there but you’re still young and cool and don’t want to look like you got lost on your way to a pioneer re-enactment. Fear not! Layer that oversized hand-knitted sweater grandma gave you three Winterfests ago over a crop top and long shorts. All your cousins will think you’re cool and grandma will be delighted to see you wearing her gift. Everyone wins!

The Art Gallery

The Best Places to Rock the Moonlight Chic Kit

Any fine young gentleman wearing this ensemble is here to tell the world that he is not just an appreciator of art; he is a work of art! And where does fine art belong? At the art gallery! Give the cultured crowd more than just paintings to admire as the living sculpture that is you strolls through the halls of artistic greatness as if you belong there. Because you do!

Stay tuned on our website soon after the release of the Kit where we show some of the best looks for certain occassions! In The Sims of course.

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