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Two New Scenarios Now Available in The Sims 4


The latest SDX drop has lots of surprises!

The Sims Team has dropped a new Sims Delivery Express today for The Sims 4. Players who have only The Sims 4 Base Game can indulge in new changes and items, including:

  • The Great Revamp of The Goth Family
  • New Parisian Outdoor Café Items, including a Chair and a Table
  • A Moodlit Lamp
  • New Scenarios!

The surprise addition of new Scenarios are amazing for the Upcoming Kits and Update for The Sims 4!

They include one Permanent and one Limited-Time Scenario, including:

In The Moodlet (Permanent)

Working in Retail can be so stressful! Some Sims just have the worst luck and get all the rude customers.

Can this Sim leave their problems at work and unwind at home?

Two New Scenarios Now Available in The Sims 4

Best Friends Forever (Limited Time Scenario)

This scenario is available right now and will last until June 29th, 2022!

They say best friends are forever! Form bonds by making a childhood best friend and becoming good friends with other youthful Sims. Play, Adventure and form lifelong sentiments in the passion of youth, before entering into your Teenage Years.

Two New Scenarios Now Available in The Sims 4

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