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The Sims 4: Little Campers Kit Overview


Everything included with the Little Campers Kit to give your kiddos the backyard camping experience of their dreams!

The Little Campers Kit for The Sims 4 is all about backyard fun for the kids. The kit comes with a total of 25 new Buy Mode objects themed around childhood imagination as well as one styled room, which is a backyard camping setup.

In an effort to keep the functionality of past content in mind when creating the Little Campers Kit, The Sims Team only added functionality to some of the objects that directly relate to the backyard camping experience. For example, the firepit that comes with this kit is functional for hanging out and roasting marshmallows but other firepit interactions remain exclusive to the Outdoor Retreat game pack. The bedsheet projector screen in this kit is a functional television and Sims can watch all the normal TV channels on it; however, movies remain exclusive to the Movie Hangout Stuff pack.

In addition to the firepit and projector, this kit comes with plenty of other functional objects for our child Sims to play with. The cardboard car is a functional activity table. The makeshift rocket is a functional dollhouse, the bigfoot is a functional stuffed animal, and the tiny ranger toys are toybox toys that can be played with by both children and toddlers. The kit also comes with a swing set. Simmers who enjoy family gameplay and are looking for new things for their kids and toddlers to play with will definitely find this kit to be a worthwhile addition to their game.

As always, we have the full catalogue overview and in-game close-ups of all the objects in all available swatches for you!

Catalogue Overview

In-Game Closeups

Styled Rooms

The Little Campers Kit is available now on both PC/Mac and consoles! It is priced at $4.99 USD or your country’s equivalent currency.

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