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The Battle of The Sims 4 Goths


The Ultimate Goths vs. Goths Smackdown

The iconic Goth family, a true staple of The Sims franchise, just got a makeover in a recent update. They have been around since the beginning, living in the macabre mansion with a graveyard in The Sims 1. In The Sims 2, they were the focal point of multiple scandals, some of them being Bella Goth’s disappearance and possible alien abduction, Mortimer’s subsequent relationship with a much younger Dina Caliente, and Cassandra’s tumultuous engagement with Don Lothario, who himself had an affair with previously mentioned Dina and her sister Nina!

The Sims 3, set around 50 years before The Sims 2 and 25 years before The Sims, gave us a glimpse into previous generations of the family and their legacy. There we find out that the Sunset Valley was “founded by the Goths and built up by the Landgraabs.” Revealing the longstanding grudge between two families we all knew existed.

But what about The Sims 4? The Sims 4 is officially considered an alternate universe from the previous installments of the game. The family has four members now: Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander. An adult, a young adult, and a child. Living their lives outside of the lore like the rest of their fellow The Sims 4 NPCs.

Along came the new update with changes in face shape, outfits, and the entire vibe. Of course, the change can’t come without controversies and naysayers. It seems like a lot of players think that the new version looks a lot like the Addams family. But was that the point of the original Goth family?

That is why we have gathered here today to determine once and for all which version is better in the ultimate Goth on Goth combat!

Bella Goth

Mortimer Goth

Cassandra Goth

Alexander Goth

All in all, was this makeover successful? Tell us in the comments who’s your favorite Goth!

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