The Sims 4 Custom Content

The Girlboss CC Pack for The Sims 4

Only for gatekeeping, gaslighting girlbosses

Let’s face it, we all need girlboss energy in our lives, even if it’s in The Sims. Two creators, ahariss00britney and Ayoshi, made a CC pack devoted to sorority mean girls and powerful Girlboss women, and anyone who feels like that.

Girlbosses come in all shapes and sizes, but the ultimate Sims girlboss is of course, the one and only Bella Goth. If the new Goth family makeover made you question her girlbossiness, do your own makeover with this pack.


There’s five tops – two identical blazers, one solid color and the other with patterns, two off the shoulder tops and a skimpy little number for happy hour drinks Bella would approve.


We also have six bottoms in three variants, solid and patter and shinny and mat, to match and/or clash with the tops.


Six cute but professional and classy hairstyles for a real lady, wife, mother and philanthropist.


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