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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Normal Descriptions for Normal Previews

We collected all of the Previews and gave little to no commentary.

We did all the image collecting. You will have to find the details yourselves!

SimGurus have posted a series of new screens on Twitter. None other but The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack that’s coming June 16th! There’s also a Pre-Order apparently now for Game Packs, but we’ll cover that in the article ahead.

So many screens to go through so let’s dig in! This list will be updated with new images as they surface.

Beautiful Sunset over Moonwood Mill

A Vampire Bartending


A Household that has No Secrets. We’re sure.


Boots the House Down

Houston I’m Deceased

Message in a Bottle Sims Version

Someone help that Freezer Bunny

Trust No One. Not Even Yourself.

I just know this image will circulate the bottom of the iceberg web.

Yas Mama


Warning: puppies ahead

It’s cute because the new Plumbob!

Paws up Little Monsters.

Stay out of my swamp!

It’s giving Road Runner.

Shrek 5 Sneak Peek

Ok Moonlight Falls from The Sims 3 I see you

The Riverdale Gym

Pixar Dad Wolf

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