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Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!


Smart phones are finally getting, well… smart!

In today’s High School Years deep dive livestream, SimGuruGeorge and SimGuruJessica walked us through the huge cell phone overhaul coming with The Sims 4 High School Years expansion pack later this month!

The smart phone itself now has a more app-based UI and layout, resembling a real smart phone’s home screen. They’ve also added a lot of new phone designs for you to customize the look of your phone. The phone designs are better too; they now actually customise the in-game look of the phone instead of just the UI.

The Phone User Interface Revamp will be coming with the Upcoming Update for The Sims 4, with new features and looks such as:

The ability to go through Apps / Categories within your Phone:

Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!

The User Interface now requires you to click on a certain icon related to a certain Gameplay category. Each Category has options to choose from just like before, but with a redesign. In this case, the Social Bunny App has a whole lot of new features available:

Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!

Just like before, you are also now able to choose from different available Phone Backgrounds. There’s plenty of new ones to unlock as well with the High School Expansion Pack!

Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!

In addition to the cosmetic makeover, two new apps were shown off; Social Bunny and Trendy!

Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!
Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!

Social Bunny is an interactive social media app where your Sims can actually make posts, interact with others’ posts, slide into other Sims’ DMs, add social media friends and more! Stay active on Social Bunny to gain followers and catch up on your friends. Other Sims will also respond to what you post on the app.

Phones in The Sims 4 are getting a Revamp!

Trendi is an online fashion marketplace linked to the new thrift store lot. As the stock rotates, so do the styles available in Trendy. Mix and match pieces to create unique looks, give them a style and a name, and purchase them! Wear your designs and take selfies to hype them up, then sell them to make a profit! You can also browse for unique outfits to buy on Trendy from other Sims. Your designs will be more popular if you have a lot of Social Bunny followers and if the style of those clothes is trending. You might even see other kids at school wearing your designs.

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