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Improve Your The Sims 4 Storytelling with Templates!

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In the community, there are so many captivating storytellers. Whether you’re one of them or want to become one, there are templates and overlays to create more immersive photos. They are a great way to spice up your photos for your simstagram, simblr, or wherever you post your Sim’s photos.

Improve Your The Sims 4 Storytelling with Templates!
Using the Polaroid PSD Template by witchytraits

Some of these templates include social media profiles and posts, texting conversations, video chats, video streaming, camera overlays, polaroids, yearbook templates, and numerous UI templates. There’s even a family tree template!

Using these templates requires basic knowledge of how to use photo editing software. But don’t let that scare you! There are plenty of tutorials online that can help you learn for free. And if you cannot afford Photoshop, GIMP is a free alternative with a similar function.

Improve Your The Sims 4 Storytelling with Templates!
Simstagram Template by cilkey

We had so much fun testing out these templates that we created a list of our favorite templates, overlays, and filters for you to use!

What You Will Need:

GIMP (FREE), Photoshop, or a program that will read PSD files.
Sims Screenshots
Simlish Fonts
Optional: Icons

Social Media

Simstagram Template
Dating App Profile Template
Simlish Instagram Overlays
Sim Social Media Network Profile
Simlish Snapchat Filters
Simstagram Now Available for Gnome Phone
Simlish Simstagram Template
TikTok Template
Simlish Twitch & YouTube Templates
Simstagram Template
Tinder Template


Phone Template
iPhone Texting Template
Simlish Communication Templates
Text/Phone Call Convo Template


Polaroid PSD
Photography Template
Camera Overlay Resized
Yearbook Template

Game UI

TS4 UI Mockups*
Seasons and Festival Templates
Speech and Thought Bubbles
University Grades Template
Complaining Speech Bubble
Seasons Holiday Templates
Traits Template*
Promotion Template
*Hint: if you want a list with the newest icons, you can use ctrl + shift + c in Sims 4 Studio, then type “list.icons” without the parenthesis and save it to your computer. Use ctrl + f to find the icon then right click it and save it.


Post Templates (Rounded)
Family Tree Template
Magazine/Camera/Website Templates
Subtitle and Caption Template


Giant List of Simlish Fonts

We can’t wait to see how you improve your stories with these templates!

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