The Sims 4 Guides High School Years

The Sims Teases Us With the Yearbook Photos of Iconic Sims 4 Households

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And they snuck a fair bit of lore and easter eggs into them, too!

Today, The Sims promoted the upcoming High School Years pack on their social media pages by showing off the high school yearbook photos of Mortimer, Bella, Nancy, Geoffrey, Bob, and Eliza!

At first glance, it just looks like a fun little graphic to get players hyped for the new expansion but upon closer inspection, these yearbook photos have some subtle and not-so-subtle references in them, including some brand new information never before known about these iconic Sims!


So here’s the yearbook:

The Sims Teases Us With the Yearbook Photos of Iconic Sims 4 Households

And here’s everything we spotted within the pages of said yearbook!

  • Geoffrey took Nancy’s last name when they married, which makes sense since Nancy comes from a much more prestigious family. This isn’t exactly new information; it was mentioned in their family bio in The Sims 3 but for players who never played The Sims 3, this will be a revelation for them.
  • Previously, we never knew what Eliza and Geoffrey’s maiden names were but now we know for certain that Eliza Pancakes was once Eliza Hastings and Geoffrey Landgraab was once Geoffrey Osteer! Bella’s maiden name is Bachelor but that’s no surprise. It’s been common knowledge since The Sims 2.
  • Eliza’s yearbook quote is a reference to the teen drama television series, Glee, which ran from 2009 to 2015.
  • Mortimer’s yearbook quote appears to be inspired by Gomez Addams but this should be no surprise given that the Goth family is based on The Addams’ Family.
  • Nancy appears to have had a nose job done after high school. This could be a reference to the character Rachel Greene from the popular 90s sitcom, Friends. Rachel also comes from wealth and had a nose job after high school.
  • It looks like Nancy was a cheerleader in high school which we can definitely see for her!
  • The stickers beside each portrait represent the traits of the Sims. Bob is a slob, Eliza is a perfectionist, Bella is romantic, Mortimer is creative, Nancy is ambitious, and Geoffrey is good.
  • The doodle B + M with a heart no doubt refers to Bella and Mortimer. It was scribbled next to Bella’s portrait, which indicates she’s had a crush on him since high school. Perhaps they were dating? Although this doesn’t exactly explain the huge age difference between them.
  • Other doodles next to the pictures represent different aspects of each Sim’s personality. Clouds for gloomy Bob, stars for perfectionist Eliza, a ghost for spooky Mortimer, a simoleon symbol for snobby Nancy, and a rainbow for Geoffrey’s good heart.
  • Apparently, all six of these Sims went to Copperdale High together. It makes sense if Copperdale is the only high school in The Sims 4 but again… the age discrepancy between not just Bella and Mortimer but all these Sims makes it unlikely they all attended Copperdale at the same time. Still, this is a really fun graphic we enjoyed analyzing!

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