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The Sims 4 Werewolves: Traits Guide


All about 11 New Traits and how to obtain them!

There are a total of 11 traits in The Sims 4 Werewolves; however, none of them are base personality traits that can be selected in CAS. All the new traits are tied to aspirations, obtained through gameplay, or inherited from werewolf parents.

Some of the trait descriptions are self-explanatory about their effects. Others are more cryptic but we’ll break down how to obtain each trait and how to “unlock” the effects of certain dormant traits.

Lunar Confidant

  • How to Obtain: Select any of the new werewolf aspirations
  • Description: These Sims get an initial relationship boost when introducing themselves to werewolves (positive or negative, depending on how they act!)

This trait is easy enough to obtain. Just select the Werewolf Initiate aspiration in CAS. This trait is a bonus trait for selecting any of the aspirations in the new Werewolf category.

Friend of the Wildfangs

  • How to Obtain: Befriend the Alpha of the Wildfangs and ask them to become a friend of the pack
  • Description: Sims who are the Friend of a Pack have limited access to that pack’s hangout and can socialize with that pack’s members in special ways.

This trait can be obtained by both Werewolves and non-Werewolves. Basically, it makes you an honourary member of the Wildfangs wolf pack rather than an official member. Essentially, you become their ally and you get some new social interactions with that pack’s members. You can also use their hangout to rest and drop off gifts for the pack.

Friend of the Moonwood Collective

  • How to Obtain: Befriend the Alpha of the Moonwood Collective and ask them to become a friend of the pack
  • Description: Sims who are the Friend of a Pack have limited access to that pack’s hangout and can socialize with that pack’s members in special ways.

This is the exact same thing as the Friend of the Wildfangs trait, just for the Moonwood Collective. You’ll become a Moonwood Collective ally and unlock new socials with that pack’s members. You can use their hangout to rest and drop off gifts for the pack.

Fanged Friend

  • How to Obtain: Complete the Werewolf Initiate aspiration
  • Description: Fanged Friends get an additional boost to their relationships with both werewolves and non-werewolf Sims.

This is a reward trait for finishing the Werewolf Initiate aspiration. It provides a small boost to all relationships which will be helpful when pursuing any of the other werewolf aspirations that become available after completing this one.

Lunar Link

  • How to Obtain: Complete the Cure Seeker aspiration
  • Description: Sims with a Lunar Link retain the special benefits of the Lunar Cycle they once felt as werewolves, and can still howl just like old times!

This trait is handy for werewolves who have become human again because they still get to enjoy the benefits of the moon phases they had when they were werewolves. Being able to howl is just a fun bonus.

Chomp Champion

  • How to Obtain: Complete the Wildfang Renegade aspiration
  • Description: Sims turned into werewolves by Chomp Champions won’t negatively react to being turned, and they’ll want to join the Chomp Champion’s pack too!

This is a handy trait for filling up your world with werewolves and growing your pack without incurring any negative feelings from your unwilling participants. It will also make them more receptive to joining your pack immediately.

Refined Lupine

  • How to Obtain: Complete the Emissary of the Collective aspiration
  • Description: Refined Lupines turn their noses up at the thought of losing control of their Fury, passively generating less of it over time.

This is a great trait to have if your werewolf Sim is more civilized than those Wildfang brutes and wants to live as normal a life as possible as a werewolf. This trait permanently decreases their Fury gain, meaning they’ll lose control of themselves less often. When paired with other werewolf abilities such as Somber Howl and The Will to Resist, your werewolf may be able to avoid ever losing control, or quickly regain control if they do.

Threatening Presence

  • How to Obtain: Complete the Lone Wolf aspiration
  • Description: Sims with a Threatening Presence inspire more fear in those around them, sometimes to the point of fainting. And Greg? Well, to them, he might as well be a cute puppy.

On the flip side, if you want to play the most terrifying, beastly werewolf Moonwood Mill has ever seen, you’ll want this trait. All nearby Sims will become terrified wherever you go and many of them will faint from fear. Your Sim will also no longer fear Greg, as your own fearsomeness has surpassed his.

Werewolf Ally

  • How to Obtain: Various methods. See below.
  • Description: These Sims have a special kinship with werewolves and aren’t as alarmed by their werewolfy antics.

This trait is interesting because there seems to be several ways to obtain it. We’ve gotten this trait by reading Beyond Big & Bad: Rethinking Harmful Werewolf Stereotypes at the Moonwood Mill library. We’ve also gotten this trait by pursuing werewolf aspirations. The Werewolf Diplomacy dormant ability will also give your werewolf the ability to bestow this trait on other Sims. There might be even more ways to get this trait that we haven’t seen, yet.

As the description suggests, Sims with this trait won’t be as terrified of werewolves as other Sims, making it easier for werewolves to have positive interactions with them.

Dormant Wolf

  • How to Obtain: Inherited at birth from werewolf parents (random chance)
  • Description: The wolf sleeps soundly within [Sim Name]. What would it take to awaken?

Werewolf lineage isn’t as straight-forward as other occults. Normally, there’s a 50/50 chance a child will be born as the same occult type as their parents. For example, a vampire and a spellcaster are guaranteed to have either vampire or spellcaster children. It’s a 50/50 chance which occult type the child will be. With werewolves, a child isn’t always guaranteed to be born as a werewolf, even if both parents are werewolves. They might instead be born as a dormant wolf.

Sims born with this trait are humans and will remain humans their entire lives unless they “awaken the beast within.” The description is deliberately vague to make you figure this out yourself but we’ll tell you how to awaken a dormant wolf. Have your dormant wolf swim in Lake Lunvik at night during a full moon when they are a teen or older. They will transform into a full werewolf when they come to shore.

Greater Wolf Blood

  • How to Obtain: Inherited at birth from werewolf parents (random chance)
  • Description: The moon has blessed [Sim Name] with a Greater Wolf Blood, enhancing their werewolf growth. Talk about high expectations!

This trait is essentially the opposite of Dormant Wolf. Babies born with this trait are usually (but not always) born as werewolves; however, if they become werewolves later on, they’ll gain werewolf XP at a faster rate, allowing them to rank up more quickly and buy more abilities. It’s similar to the Weak/Strong/Ancient Bloodline inherited traits for children of spellcasters.

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