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The Sims 4 CC Beds: Issues & Solutions


Mysterious Last Exceptions? Can’t Pillow Fight on CC Beds?

We’ve got bad news. There’s another casualty of the High School Years Patch and Expansion Pack–CC beds. This does not include toddler beds and recolors, only the child through elder beds broke. While we wait for Sims 4 Studio to hopefully come out with a batch fix to fix the beds, here’s what you need to know.

CC beds broke due to the addition of the new bed animations for the High School Years Expansion Pack. If you don’t have the Expansion Pack, you won’t be getting Last Exceptions, but the beds are still out of date and broken.


Q: Why is the game sending last exceptions even when the bed isn’t in use?
This is due to the Sim trying to autonomously use the bed with the new animations.

Q: Why did the beds break?
The beds broke due to EA adding to the inner structure of beds that is needed for Sims to do the new animations.

Q: Is there any way to fix beds at this time?
Yes! Lucky for us, Peacemaker released a set of instructions for how to fix CC beds.

How to Fix Custom Content Beds

From: Peacemaker’s Tumblr

1. Download new version of S4S (better safe then sorry)

2. Open the cheat console within S4S by pressing crtl_shift+C

3. In the popup, type “object-preview” (best to full screen this popup, as we need all the space to see warehouse tab)

4. search for bed

5. Click on a double bed and wait for it to load in 6. Go to Warehouse tab and find the Rig and Slot resources (usually one after the other).

7. Click on the rig resource (it will be highlighted blue), and on the far right bottom click the “export” button.

8. Save the file somewhere easy to find and with a good name (like bedding-double-rig)

9. Click on the Slot resource next and repeat as above.

10. If you have single bedding as well, find one in the far left panel and load in. Repeat exporting the rig and slot information (making sure to label single and double bed resources clearly when exporting so you don’t mix them up).

11. Close the object-preview window

12. Open a copy of your broken bedding. Best to do on a copy, because if you mess you can just delete and make another copy.

13. Go to warehouse tab and click on the rig resource.

14. On the bottom right, click Import and navigate to where you saved your exported resources. Make sure you are importing the rig resource and not slot resource, otherwise it will throw and error.

15. Import the double bed rig.

16. Click on the Slot resource and import the new slot resource.

17. Save

18. Test in game, when placing it shouldn’t disappear, and you should have option for pillow fight. And of course, no exemption error should be thrown.

Updated CC Beds

Also, a lot of creators have already updated their beds. Below is a list of some of the up-to-date beds.

beds by Medieval Sim Tailer/simverses
beds by Syboulette
beds from Snooze and Upcycle collections by marvell-world
beds by myshunosun
beds and bedding by Peacemaker
Kirsten’s single bed by historicalfictionsims
Master Bedroom Pack by Max 20

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