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Full Tour of The Sims 4’s Copperdale World


The complete breakdown of Copperdale from High School Years. Lot Sizes, Neighborhood Tours and Interesting Spots around Town!

The Sims 4 High School Years comes with a new world called Copperdale. Copperdale is a full-sized residential world with three neighbourhoods. It’s home to the one and only high school that can be placed in the game so all of your teen Sims will be traveling to Copperdale to attend school no matter what world they live in.

Copperdale has a lot of lore and hidden secrets laced throughout the town and some of its residents have backstories intertwined with the history of the town.

Copperdale World Map and Description

Once renowned for its booming mining industry, the town of Copperdale, quaint and historic, lay nestled on the banks of Lake LaSuli. Founder Jasper Prescott had foraged this land for its treasured crystals, hoping Copperdale would one day blossom into a prosperous community for families and travelers alike. And though the mine carts reached an eternal halt, the townspeople continued to flourish. With academics and adventures abound, Copperdale is now home to many families seeking a small-town life with big-city dreams for themselves and their teens. Together they’ve unearthed a gem far more precious than before – beloved high school memories.


Prescott Square

Named after Copperdale’s founder, Jasper Prescott, this town square is a quaint hub for all afterschool hangouts. For the fashion-forward teens, Eloise Hiddlestix’s well-known ThrifTea shop is the spot to grab a bubble tea and explore the latest trends. Lakeview Library is perfect for academically minded teens to squeeze in a cram sesh or find a study buddy. Representing Copperdale’s historical legacy, this square is central to all its residents. Some say they’ve seen the ghost of Jasper lurking near his old dwelling, the Boomsbluff Mystery House.


  • Lot Type: Thrift and Bubble Tea Store
  • Lot Value: $45,216
  • Lot Dimensions: 20×15

The ThrifTea shop is where you’ll want to go for bubble tea, fashion, or both. It’s the central hub for creating and selling outfits on the new Trendi online marketplace. Sims can order bubble tea and create their own fashions using the shop’s limited stock of items that day. They can then keep the clothes to wear them or sell them on Trendi. Sometimes, ThrifTea holds impromptu fashion shows for Sims to show off their style in person.

Lakeview Library

  • Lot Type: Library
  • Lot Value: $67,626
  • Lot Dimensions: 20×20

There isn’t very much to say about the library. It’s a library, so it has books, study desks, and computers for Sims to use; however, it’s a very pretty build and a good spot for your teens to study for their exams in peace and quiet.

Golden Peak

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Lot Value: $113,996
  • Lot Dimensions: 30×30
  • Beds: 4
  • Baths: 3

This home houses the Prescott family. Molly and her younger sister, Amy, are the direct descendants of the town founder, Jasper Prescott. The house has four bedrooms; one for Molly, one for Amy, one for their mother, Mei, and one for their grandfather, Tai, who lives with them. There is a small attic space with a guitar in it where the musically-gifted Molly most likely spends a lot of time.

Water Tower Way

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Lot Value: $58,107
  • Lot Dimensions: 20×15
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 3

This lot is home to the Harjo family. Ava and Lucha Harjo live here. They both have a child from a previous relationship. Their kids, Ash and Noah, are step-siblings. The house is small and fairly modest but it does feature a walk-out basement which is where Ash’s bedroom is.

Town Square Terrace

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Value: $20,297
Lot Dimensions: 20×15
Beds: 1
Baths: 1

This was most likely intended to be one of the starter homes in the new world but despite only having one bedroom, it’s slightly too expensive for a single Sim to afford straight out of CAS unless they start with high funds from the CAS Stories feature. It has very basic furnishings and an empty paved backyard.

Other Notable Locations

Apart from the lots, other spots of interest in this neighbourhood include a gazebo with a bench for romantic date nights, a seaside boardwalk for jogging or romantic strolls, a set of monkey bars in the park area, several scenic spots to sit and socialize or eat, and the infamous Boomsbluff Mystery House where a ghostly apparition of Jasper Prescott can briefly be seen on occasion during nighttime hours.

Plumbite Cove

Settled on Lake LaSuli sits Plumbite Cove, a once-popular location for its mining of rare gems. After the mines shut down, the town turned this picturesque outlook into a waterfront fairground. With thrills, chills, and a breathtaking view, Plumbite Pier is the ideal spot for all ages to make some memories. Travel to Totter Park to see the majestic Teeter Rock before heading to the pier to snag a selfie with the Frank the Flying Womp Womp tribute. Whether settling down or just stopping by, Plumbite Cove is a must-see Copperdale gem.

Totter Park

  • Lot Type: Park
  • Lot Value: $10,879
  • Lot Dimensions: 50×40

Totter Park is a very basic park lot. There isn’t much to do here. It’s mostly just a forested area with a set of monkeybars, a couple picnic tables, a chess board, and public washrooms. Its main purpose is likely just to allow Sims to visit the nearby carnival without having to travel to some random Sim’s house in the area.

BridgeCreek Drive

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Lot Value: $101,139
  • Lot Dimensions: 30×30
  • Beds: 5
  • Baths: 4

BridgeCreek Drive is home to the Price family. Janae and her husband, Marcel, live here with their three children along with a foreign exchange student named Kevin they’ve opened their home to. Some notable features of this lot are a spacious fenced-in backyard and a semi-detached guest house that is currently being used as their daughter, Savannah’s bedroom.

Hillside Haven

  • Lot Type: Rental
  • Lot Value: $84,229
  • Lot Dimensions: 30×20
  • Beds: 3
  • Baths: 1

This is a rental property for vacationing in Copperdale. Even though it has three bedrooms, there is a set of bunk beds in one of the rooms and a double bed in the master bedroom so up to five Sims child-aged or older can vacation here. Notable features of this home include the spacious back deck with a view of the water and carnival grounds, and a movie room in the basement.

LaSuli Point

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Lot Value: $18,692
  • Lot Dimensions: 20×15
  • Beds: 2
  • Baths: 1

This is one of Copperdale’s starter homes. Sims looking to start a small family will like the fact that this house has a second bedroom. There are also a couple garden planters out front and the house has a great view of the water and carnival grounds.

Little Falls Nook

  • Lot Type: Residential
  • Lot Value: $1,500
  • Lot Dimensions: 20×20

This is an empty lot for players to build whatever they like here. It’s in quite a beautiful location right next to a creek with a footbridge over it, a nearby fishing spot, and it’s close to the carnival grounds.

The Carnival

The carnival is not on a lot but there is enough to do here that it warrants its own section. Sims can visit this area of the pier and go on the different attractions. They can ride the ferris wheel, go on the cuddle carts, and enter the haunted house attraction. All the attractions can be enjoyed alone or with another Sim as both friendly and romantic activities. Sims can WooHoo (or Mess Around for teens) on the rides but if they get caught, they might get banned from going back for several days. The attractions themselves are rabbitholes; the Sims go in, disappear, and come back out.

There is a carnival stand in the area that sells ice cream cones, a bubble tea vendor, and if Seasons is installed, there will be a third vendor in this area near the seating selling seasonal food and drinks. There is also a photo booth where Sims can have their pictures taken by themselves or with friends/romantic interests. You’ll be able to take the photo home with you afterwards and display it on the wall as a keepsake.

This spot also has two swimmable locations, one on each side of the pier on either side of the carnival.

Other Notable Locations

Other notable areas in Plumbite Cove include the Teeter Rock landmark, a small grungy hangout spot near a graffitied bridge, and a scenic little gazebo at the end of a small pier right on the water.

Rockridge Heights

Home to Copperdale High, Rockridge Heights is the town’s standard-bearer for academia across generations. It’s a beloved school ground for quintessential teen moments and college preparation. With classrooms full of learning, and an Auditorium full of Prom possibilities, Rockridge Heights is the perfect environment for every teen to discover who and what they want to be.

Copperdale High

  • Lot Type: High School
  • Lot Value: $196,439
  • Lot Dimensions: 64×64

Copperdale High is a special lot type that cannot be used in any other location in the game. This is the only high school lot players can have across all worlds but teens from every world can still attend school in Copperdale. It’s similar to the special active career lots from Get To Work; however, this lot is not hidden and Sims can visit the school anytime during and after class hours. This gives players more freedom to tell their own stories outside of the 8am-3pm structured class hours. The lot can be bulldozed and rebuilt from the ground up but not during active class hours.


  • Lot Type: Auditorium
  • Lot Value: $30,949
  • Lot Dimensions: 30×20

Like the high school, the auditorium is a special lot type that cannot be placed anywhere else but it is not hidden and can be visited by Sims anytime. It’s a dynamic lot; meaning it will change its décor based on what event is currently running there. Players who own the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack and have built on Community Centre lots will be familiar with the different lot states.

The Auditorium has four different states; the standard auditorium (this is the default when no events are happening), the formal dance, the high school graduation, and the career day states. The auditorium will switch to the different states during these events and then return to the default state when the event ends.

Other Notable Locations

Other areas of interest in this neighbourhood outside the lots include a roadside convenience store across the street from the high school where students can get snacks from the vending machines out front if they don’t want to eat in the cafeteria, the football field behind the high school where certain after-school activity events take place, and a miniature outdoor amphitheatre near the auditorium with some seating. There’s also a parking lot with customized parking spaces next to the school, which isn’t actually a routable location but we thought it was cute enough to mention.

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