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School Spirit Add-On CC Set for The Sims 4


Bring more cheer to your High School Years!

Something that seemed to be lacking in High School Years was the posters, banners, etc that cover every High School’s walls on television shows. Even the high school I went to had more school spirit banners and posters than Copperdale seems to have available.

Thanks to hula zombie, we now have a large selection of school spirit decorations for Copperdale High School! There are multiple “mascots” to choose from so you can even have Sims attend “different” schools.

This add-on pack has 13 objects. Some objects require High School Years or Discover University.

The add-on pack includes:

Base Game Compatible

  • Poster Series (10+ swatches)
  • Large High School Wall Banner (8 swatches)
  • High School Flags (8 swatches)
  • Miles of Tiles Floor (10 swatches)
  • White Board
  • Postcard Bulletin Board*

*hula zombie highly recommends you also download Ravasheen’s Smart’s Content School Posters to use with the standing bulletin board.

REQUIRES Discover University

  • Banner Set (8 swatches + 1 matching pole)
  • Small High School Wall Banner (6 swatches)
  • High School Standing Banner (12 swatches)

REQUIRES High School Years

  • Pop Cart (12 swatches, decluttered and added slots)
  • Miles of Tiles Add on (10 swatches)

This set is free on hula zombie’s Patreon!

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