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Attending Career Day in The Sims 4 High School Years


Not sure what career path is right for you? Career Day can help!

Career Day is one of the events that happens at the Copperdale High auditorium lot and can only be attended by high school students. Unlike prom, which also happens at this location, Career Day doesn’t happen every week. The schedule appears to be somewhat random but for us, we saw it pop up every other week on Tuesday.

Career Day is always on a weekday during class hours from 12pm-3pm. On Career Days, students will be excused from afternoon classes and travel to the auditorium for the event.

There will be three career day tables set up in the auditorium with guest speakers giving presentations at each table. Career Day is a goaled event so make sure you pay attention to the list of goals in the top left corner of the screen to do well in it. It’s not difficult to get a perfect score on Career Day. All you need to do is ask the guest speakers for information about their careers, watch the presentations, and ask your teacher about your future.

It’s not super obvious which careers the guest speakers are talking about but you can hazard a good guess by what they’re wearing. The guest speakers will be wearing career outfits for different careers. We had a chef, an athlete, and a criminal (which we thought was hilarious) at our Career Day.

Your teen Sim will get different moodlets related to the presentations. Our teen hated the thought of cooking for a living and when she asked her teacher about the future, she only became more scared and uncertain. Your teen’s reactions to the different career presentations can help inform your choices about their future.

Career Day is great for deciding futures!

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