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Add Dancing Bonehilda to your Sims 4 Loading Screen


This Mod is an absolute must.

The icon herself is finally gracing our loading screens! The Bonehilda Loading Screen Replacement is now available to download on 20th Century Plumbob’s Patreon page! This is the first of 20th Century Plumbob’s Sims 4 Loading Screen Icons Series.

You can watch Bonehilda dance on four backgrounds! There are Gradient, Original, Dancefloor, and Nightclub versions.

She Dances!

To see her dance, watch the video that 20th Century Plumbob posted on their Patreon page!

We had no idea that we needed a new loading screen, especially one with a dancing Bonehilda! We love all four of these loading screens and can’t wait to see the rest!

Important Information

Remember, you can only install one Loading Screen mod at a time.

To install, put the file into your mods folder and organize it in a similar way to how you would normally organize your mods folder.

Bonehilda Loading Screen Replacement is available for free on 20th Century Plumbob’s Patreon Page!

Are you adding Dancing Bonehilda to your game?

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