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You have to get this Rock Café in The Sims 4!


…but no strings attached.

And by serving drinks, apparently. This build is truly unique. It uses guitars as its main inspiration. Not only are there guitars as actual decoration pieces, both normal size and sized up, but the building is shaped like a guitar with a fingerboard on both the inside and outside of the building. Bathrooms represent the tuning pegs at the top of the guitar.

You have to get this Rock Café in The Sims 4!

On the inside of the nightclub, there are seating areas, a bar, and a place to dance. Custom (No CC) paintings of various rock-related topics are placed around the building. On the outside, there are decorative features that included sized up guitars and other decorative items like fountains.

Gallery Lot Name: Guitar Rock Café
Creator: BabethPastyrik
Lot Price: 331,373
Lot Type: Nightclub
Facilities: 6 bathrooms
Lot Size: 40 x 30
Lot Traits: Convivial, Great Acoustics, Up-and-Coming Hotspot

Important Information

This build has No CC but it does have Custom Paintings. These can be downloaded without having them in your game. This is still a No CC builds.

Make sure to have bb.moveobjects on when you place the building.


A splendid guitar-shaped nightclub, bar, café, dancing, you can dance on the roof or inside, you can play the guitar, the piano, sing karaoke, play cards, and bask in the jacuzzis on the roof, play ping pong and more activities,!, it’s party time! (the pianos were kindly donated by the Piano Bar) #cafe #hardrockcafe #pub #club #disco #dj #gettogether #getfamous #karaoke #bar #guitar #dancing #fountains #piano #smallpiano #cowplant #babethpastyrik paintings are from #juwels64 #jlewi38 #koaleigh

You have to get this Rock Café in The Sims 4!

You can download the Guitar Rock Café by BabethPastyrik on the Gallery! Download today!

Do you have any current Sims that will visit the Guitar Rock Café?

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