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Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4

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Most Simmers have a favorite Occult and now so do our Sims with SpinningPlumbob’s Occult Preference Mod!

A Werewolf that doesn’t like Werewolves? A Vampire that likes Werewolves? A Spellcaster who doesn’t like any other Occult? There are so many stories you could make out of the 7 Occult Types (+Human) through preferences!

We have been so excited to try out this mod! It introduces likes and dislikes of the different Occults within EA’s numerous packs. This includes Humans, Aliens, Vampires, Spellcasters, Ghosts, Mermaids, PlantSims, and Werewolves. Plus, it adds interactions and moodlets to further add depth to your Sim’s Occult likes and dislikes.

Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4

In CAS, you will see a new preference section between Activity and Decor named Occult Type. Click on it and it will open the options for Occult Likes and Dislikes.

Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4

Each Like or Dislike chosen in the Occult Type category counts towards the twenty Likes or Dislikes that the Sim can have.

Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4

New Moodlets

According to SpinningPlumbobs the mod includes several social interactions. These include talking about topics related to Occult Creatures, specific interactions directed at Occult Sims themselves, and also some new interactions that reference the Sim’s likes or dislikes directly.

There will be numerous buffs (also known as moodlets) added through the mod. These buffs will pop up in special circumstances. For example, seeing vampires feeding on Sims, when flirting with Occults, or when an Occult actually dislikes their own Occult!

Here are a couple of examples of the new moodlets that are included within the Occult Preferences Mod.

Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4
Spellbinding Sim
(From Nearby Spellcaster)
Wow, a spellcaster! Who wouldn’t
want to wave a magic wand and get
whatever they want?
Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4
Immortal Intrigue
(From Nearby Vampire)
Such a fascinating creature, the
vampire. Not alive, but not dead…
Powerful, but graceful… Immortal
and nearly indestructible…

New Interactions

When in a conversation, your Sim will have new interactions. Some of the options that we saw included “Vent About Eco-Friendly Ignorance,” “Praise Mother Nature,” “Exchange Tips for Planting Magic Beans”, “Talk About Mooncasters”, “Speak Highly of Sages,” and “Debate Theory of Atlantis.”

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Some examples of other interactions that can happen due to the Occult Preferences Mod include:

Sims who dislike their partner’s Occult status are able to request that they give up their Occult abilities. The partner will then accept or decline which will affect their relationship. SpinningPlumbobs indicates that this does only apply to Mermaids, Plantsims, Spellcasters, Vampires, and Werewolves since it’s already part of the game that they are able to remove their abilities.

SpinningPlumbobs altered several interactions reflecting the outcome due to Sim’s likes/dislikes. Some examples given were “Sims who like vampires will always agree to feed vampires plasma AND can even offer their plasma willingly.” Another example he included is that Werewolves that don’t like their own Occult will not be able to turn others into Werewolves because they “don’t want to pass on their affliction.” And Sims who dislikes ghosts will always react negatively to items being possessed or when they are scared by a ghost.

A much-needed change is that Sims will now react to Occults based on their preferences. For example, if a Sim likes Werewolves, they won’t run in fear away from rampaging Werewolves, and disliking PlantSims will cause Sims to be irritated by their presence.

Future Plans

SpinningPlumbob indicates that this mod will continue to develop. It will start to include preferences for his own Occults as well as EA’s. He plans to add “interactions, buffs, gameplay, possible relationships, etc. to the mod and incorporate this mod into my other occult mods.” And finally, any future Occults will be added to the mod as well.

We are enjoying this mod so far and are excited to see where it goes next!

Guide to Occult Preferences Mod for The Sims 4

Want to download the Occult Preferences Mod by SpinningPlumbobs? It’s available on Patreon for FREE!

What would your Occult preferences be?

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