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This Magical Lagoon is a Mermaid’s Paradise!

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A shimmering palace fit for mermaid royalty!

This Magical Lagoon is a Mermaid’s Paradise!

Occult players who enjoy playing with mermaids, rejoice! Your mermaids now have a shimmering water palace to call home! Witching_Mermaid has shared this truly stunning mermaid lagoon on Twitter and in her Gallery for the whole community to enjoy.

This Magical Lagoon is a Mermaid’s Paradise!

Witching_Mermaid says she was inspired by the mermaids from Peter Pan. The actual structure itself is small but highly luxurious which is perfect for a mermaid who wants to live in style but also spends a lot of time out in the ocean rather than indoors. The first floor has a beautiful fountain with steps leading down on either side. There is a washroom on one side and seating on the other. A lattice ladder leads up to the second floor where a gorgeous suite overlooks the whole lagoon. There is a bed and a buffet table here. Balconies give sweeping views of the exterior which is equally stunning.

A bright, cheerful rainbow shines over the whole lagoon and there is detail everywhere you look. The water is teeming with marine vegetation and the rocks provide your mermaids with a path to swim inside from the archway in the back.

This Magical Lagoon is a Mermaid’s Paradise!

This Magical Lagoon is a Mermaid’s Paradise!

This build is a must-have for any mermaid lover! It looks best when placed on the Sand Simoleon Beach lot in Sulani. Witching_Mermaid’s Mermaid Lagoon has no CC and you can download it from her Gallery right now!

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