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Best of Both Worlds: The Sims 2 CAS Redesign for The Sims 4

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Put some The Sims 2 nostalgia back into The Sims 4 Create a Sim!

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Credit: Bella Goth is from Needlework Reverie’s The Sims 2 in The Sims 4 Megahood Save

You’re entering Create a Sim. The blue background is unremarkable in comparison to its predecessors. But don’t worry, simsi45 has brought back The Sims 2 background to The Sims 4!

Introducing TS2 CAS Background Room Replacement! The background is a 3D model made to resemble The Sims 2 Create a Sim Background with a mirror and couch. There are pictures of iconic The Sims 2 Sims on the wall and a window with a tree scene outside it.

TS2 in TS4 1
TS2 in TS4 3

Optional Lighting Mod

While creating the new 3D background, simsi45 says the default lights didn’t match the environment of The Sims 2 Background. The game’s lights have a blue/green hue that made Sims look out of place. To fix the lights, simsi45 adjusted the hue to create a slight golden tone and moved the light position to better work with the room.

simsi45 made every effort to create a good balance between the whites and yellows so there wouldn’t be too dramatic of a shift between colors when switching into Live Mode.

Don’t like how the new lights look or maybe you use a different CAS lighting mod? Then, make sure not to download the simsi45_TS2_GoldenLighting.package file and ONLY download the simsi45_TS2_CAS_Room.package file.

TS2 in TS4 6
Photo Credit: simsi45
TS2 in TS4 5
Photo Credit: simsi45

Notes From Creator

1) The original background consisted of just 1 simple plane, while this background is an actual 3D model. The polygon count is 12284 (relatively low for a whole room) however depending on your system you might see a small 2-3 second increase when loading into CAS mode. Very minor difference but figured I’d let you know either way.

2) Thanks to the talented Littledica, as I studied his own CAS room to figure out how to properly structure my own!

TS2 vs TS4

Want to see how the two Create a Sim Backgrounds compare?

See it in Action!

Video Credit: simsi45
Best of Both Worlds: The Sims 2 CAS Redesign for The Sims 4

TS2 CAS Background Room Replacement by simsi45 is available NOW on Patreon!

Are you going to use this nostalgic The Sims 2 CAS background?

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