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This Mod Will Get Rid of Those Chunky EA Lashes for Good!


Begone, outdated chunky eyelashes!

While The Sims 4’s cartoony art style can be very endearing (after all, the most popular CC amongst players is Maxis Match CC), even Maxis Match lovers cannot deal with the chunky block lashes on our Sims.

A Sim with EA lashes. As you can see, they don’t look good with her custom lashes.

Without mods, our only option is to choose preset eyes that don’t come with eyelashes but this severely limits our eye options. A better solution is the Remove EA Lashes mod by Kijiko!

This mod is super simple to use and the best part about it is that it is not an override so it will never conflict with anything and does not need frequent updates for new game patches. All the player is required to do after installing the mod is hop into CAS and go to the skin detail category. Find the eyelash remover and select it! Voila! Your Sim no longer has ugly chunky blocky eyelashes!

After applying the eyelash remover, we can see her custom lashes without the blocky EA lashes!

This leaves you with much more freedom to apply whatever CC lashes you like! I like to use Kijiko’s 3D lashes but you can use any CC lashes you like. They will all function fine with this mod.

Download the mod below! If you need help installing mods, check out our guide!

Please note that mods are not supported on consoles

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