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Sneak Out on YOUR Terms with this High School Years Mod!


Stop waiting for an invite and look for an event to sneak out to yourself!

Image Credit: ilkavelle

One aspect of teenage life I loved from High School Years was the ability to sneak out of the house and potentially risk getting in trouble by your parents or guardians. It’s such a small thing but it really makes teens feel more like teens and less like adults who go to school.

But there was one problem; you have to wait and hope you get invited out somewhere… and my teens never got invited to go anywhere! I put a sneak out window in their rooms and remodeled the whole back of the house to make it functional for nothing! There was nowhere for my teens to sneak out to!

Image Credit: ilkavelle

That’s no longer a problem with this nifty mod by ilkavelle! The Check Today’s Events and Sneak Out mod adds an option on the cell phone to look for an event to go to yourself! Select an event and then sneak out of the house to go party! Or ask your parents for permission, we guess… but that’s not as fun.

ilkavelle has even added extra events to their mod and included all the City Living events, as well as events from adeepindigo‘s Dynamic Teen Life mod. Players without City Living or the Dynamic Teen Life mod can still use this mod. They will still see all the events but won’t be able to attend the ones that are specific to the pack and the mod so ilkavelle recommends having them both.

You can download the mod for free on ilkavelle‘s Patreon! Just click the button below to be taken to the mod’s download page.

Please note mods are not supported on consoles

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