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Laugh Out Loud With the Bad Translations Mod!


My Sim’s Bubbles and Hungarian Needs are too low! And they have the auto insurance trait!

Bad Translations, a mod by Frankk, transforms the original words (also known as strings) into funnier versions that range from synonyms to completely unrelated words or phrases.

I installed this mod and left it in for a few days. It made me laugh out loud on several occasions. The one that is the most amusing to me is “Bladder” changing to “Bubbles”. The loading screen sayings were also very funny! Although, I did not get to see many of them due to my loading time being so short. My restaurant needed to “shut up” instead of close. I installed the Clean version and there is also an Explicit version.

You’d think this would make the game more confusing, but most the time, it was pretty obvious what the string meant. Or, it was just a fun guessing game! I wouldn’t install it if you are brand new to the game and don’t know where everything is, but as a seasoned player, it didn’t affect my gameplay at all.

Overall, this mod is a lot of fun and I’d recommend everyone playing with it in their game!

Translation Process

Bad translation required Frankk to translate all the game’s text to 1 to 15 languages. Then, he translated the results back to the original language. To achieve the final results, Frankk did the translation process 1 to 3 times.

According to Frankk, “This leads to some text being funnier than the original, unchanged, or mangled beyond recognition.”

Language Warning

  • The automated process lead to occasional vulgar and sexual language including some spam. (Spam includes suspicious links and/or adult websites.)
  • After the translation process, the text went through twenty rounds of cleaning. This included detecting and removing sensitive language, spam, and errors. To ensure the quality of the translation, Frankk completed a manual review. Unfortunately, there still is a possibility that Frankk missed some words or phrases. With over 115k strings, it isn’t surprising!

Two Versions Available

Frankk created two versions of Bad Translations; a CLEAN and an EXPLICIT version. The explicit version contains vulgar language that the translator output. The clean version includes the same as the vulgar language without the vulgar language. ONLY INSTALL ONE version of the mod at a time.

  • If you don’t mind vulgar language, download the Explicit version of the mod. To create this version, Frankk cleaned the strings of spam, errors, and slurs. Other vulgarities like swear words and sex terms remain in the mod.
  • If you prefer PG language in your game, download the Clean version of the mod. Milder terms replace the vulgar language in the Clean version.
Frankks Bad Translations 8 1

Important Installation Instructions

  • Download ONE version of the mod.
  • Place the package file inside your mods
  • Check that mods and script mods are on in the game settings


  • This mod will conflict with any mod that also replaces strings.
Laugh Out Loud With the Bad Translations Mod!

Shake up your game! Install Bad Translations and get ready to laugh out loud. Literally!

What “Bad Translation” made you laugh out loud?

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