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The Sims 4 Private School CC Pack Now Available!


Upgrade your High School Years Experience with Private School CC Pack for The Sims 4. 50 Maxis Match objects for your high-end classrooms!

Your High Schools are about to become much more classier!

SixamCC has released a new Maxis Match set out to the public that’s all about Private Schools.

The Sims 4 Private School CC Pack covers 50 unique objects for all sorts of categories for a high school, including:

  • Classrooms
  • School Offices
  • Hallways & Decoration
  • Private School Bedrooms

Want to know about all featured items included? Check out the introduction to the Private Schools CC Set from SixamCC:

Hi guys.

Finally! my new cc pack is here and I am so happy with the result. This cc pack is very special because my dear patrons helped me to do it and I think the final result is pretty cool.

The concept I came up with was private schools, to be honest with you that’s something I wish we had in The Sims, boarding schools could be a great addition to the life of a teenagers, don’t you think?

So thinking about that, I created a series of objects to recreate an experience like that in game, from a class room with new desks, black boards and tons of clutter, to a drinking fountain for the school hallways (I know you wanted this! and yes, it’s functional), empty bookshelves to make your fabulous library, bunk beds and tons of new posters to decorate the dorms.

I hope that using all the elements of this cc pack will help you create really cool stories with your Sims living a private school experience.

I really hope you like this cc pack as much as I do.


The set turned out astonishing if we can say so ourselves! Check out the list of Features and Objects included with Private Schools CC Set. As well as screenshot previews of all the objects you can expect!


  • 50 items!
  • Built: 2 arches (wide and narrow), 1 window
  • Confort: 1 single bed, 1 bunk bed, separated mattresses, 2 desk chairs, 1 bed stool
  • Decorative: Backpack, Binders, Bulletin Board, Calculator, 2 Wall Clocks, Colored Pencils, Fire Alarm, Globe, Grades, Map Frame, 2 Mirrors, 6 Posters (Pets, Pride, School, Zodiac Sign, S-Pop, Music, etc), Pull-Down Dry Erase, Bookshelf Ladder, 2 Black Boards
  • Lighting: Table Lamp, Wall Lamp
  • Plumbing: Drinking Fountain
  • Storage: 2 Bookshelf’s, 2 Dressers, Locker
  • Surface: 2 School Desks, 2 Teacher Desks, 4 Modular End Tables, 1 Night Table,
  • Requires High School Years EP: Black Boards, School Desks, Teacher Desks

Private Schools CC Set – Sims 4 Screenshots

Classroom Objects

Sims 4 Private Schools CC Set - Classrooms Screen

Dorm Bedroom Objects

Sims 4 Private Schools CC Set - Dorm Room Screen

High School Hallway Items & Clutter

Sims 4 Private Schools CC Set - Hallway

High School Office Objects

Sims 4 Private Schools CC Set - Office Objects

The Sims 4 Private School CC Pack Now Available!

The Private Schools CC Set for The Sims 4 is available right now for PC and Mac players. Simply press the “Download Here” button in the link provided below. Extract the downloaded content to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. Oh, and ensure you have Mods & CC enabled in your game options!

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