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The Sims 4: Beginners Guide to your Sims Phone


Learn about all the options and features you have in your Sim’s Phone in The Sims 4!

No, we aren’t talking about The Sims Mobile or The Sims Freeplay, we are talking about your phone in The Sims 4!

It can sometimes feel somewhat terrifying getting a new cell phone. Whether that is in real life or in a video game. However, don’t panic as we are going to walk you through all the aspects of your Sims new phone!

Setting up your Sims phone

Your Sims phone can be found in the lower left-hand side of the screen just below where you see your Sims image.

The Sims 4 Phone - User Interface

Upon opening up your Sims phone, you’ll have three small options at the top of your phone followed by the six core features below.

The settings located at the top left corner of the phone are:

  • Silence Phone
  • Change Phone Background Colour
  • Change Phone Case Colour

It may seem slightly confusing at first as to what apps do what on your phone, but it is a lot more user friendly then you may initially think!


  • Browse Web
  • Play Game


  • Call Fire Department
  • Show Bills Information
  • Hire a Service
  • Order a Delivery


  • Move Household
  • Take a Vacation
  • Travel

Note: To have a household take a vacation, you need to ensure you have a vacation or rental lot available to do so.

Sims using a phone


  • Find a Job
  • Register with Ministry of Labour


  • Add to Simstagram Story
  • Check Social Media Profile
  • Plan a Social Event


  • Take Selfie
  • Take Photo with…
  • Take Photo of…
  • Take Photo
Sims calling someone

Let’s take a closer look at some of the apps in more detail!

Show Bills Information On Your Phone

First up is the Show Bills Information. This screen gives you a more in depth look at your Household Bills and how it is divided up. You can also choose to automatically sell or store any additional power or water that you may have. You can find this breakdown under the Home apps!

Bills and utilities in the Sims 4

Hire a Service In a Few Clicks

Found under the Home app on your phone, Sims can request several different services at home. From hiring a maid, repair service, gardener or a Nanny, there are plenty of services available for your Sims should they need it!

Hire a Service

Too late to cook? Order a Delivery

Again, found under the Home app, Sims can order either Pizza or food via Zoomers! Upon selecting which delivery service, you wish to use, you’ll then be presented with further food options you can choose from. Simply select your choices and await your delivery!

Order a Delivery

Find a Job Easier With the Sims Phone

Finding a job is easy in The Sims and even easier via your phone! Simply head to the Business app on your phone and go from there!

Find a job for you Sims

Don’t see a job or career that your Sim fancies? Why not register with the Ministry of Labour instead!

Move Household & Travel

Using the Travel app on your phone, you can start a new adventure with your Sims by moving house.

Move Household in The Sims 4

You can move a household to an available lot within the world you are currently in, or you can select another world. To select a different world, simply head to the World Select icon in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Available lots to your Sim, will be highlighted in green. Those which you do not have enough household funds for will be highlighted in Yellow.

If you are wanting your Sim to just visit a different location or another Sim, you would again head to the Travel app on your phone and select Travel. Chose the Sims (if any) that you want to join and then choose your destination. Likewise with moving households, you can travel to a destination in your current world or, use the World Select button to visit another world.

Use Your Sims Phone to Plan a Social Event

Planning an event couldn’t be easier! The Social app on your phone has everything you need to plan the next hottest event in The Sims!

Choose from any of the available events shown and ultimately, have fun! You can also choose if the event is a Goaled Event or not.

A Goaled Event adds an element of challenge to the events and may allow you to unlock some secret rewards too!

Plan a social event in the game

How to take photos with the Sims phone

A phone is not complete without the option to take photos! Your Sims phone comes with four different options from taking selfies, taking standard photos as well as taking photos of other Sims and or of something in particular.

Simply head over to your Camera app and take a picture!

You’ll also notice you’ll be able to experiment with different poses and colour filters as well with your photos depending on which option you chose. Any photos that you take will also save into your screenshots folder!

Sims taking a selfie

Troubleshooting The Sims Phone

Sometimes you may find that you will have options within your Sims phone greyed out. To find out why, you can simply hover over the option, and it will give you more information as to why it is not available at this time.

The phone feature within The Sims 4 is incredibly handy. From everyday use to more intricate apps for your Sims to use there’s no denying this little device is jam packed. Of course, this is just the Base Game features of the phone as additional packs can add more apps to the phone!

Are you new to The Sims 4 and looking for more guides and walkthroughs? You can find more guides for The Sims 4 here!

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