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The Sims 4 Kits: Pastel Pop Overview


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Two brand new kits for The Sims 4 dropped today: the Pastel Pop Kit and the Everyday Clutter Kit! Pastel Pop brings lots of soft yet colourful tones and curved edges that harken back to the 60s and 70s while still embracing contemporary design. Everyday Clutter focuses on the tiny details of your living space; those little knick-knacks and odds and ends scattered around your Sim’s home that tell people what kind of person they are and what kinds of things interest and motivate them.

Let’s focus on the Pastel Pop Kit! This Sims 4 kit comes with 24 new Build/Buy items and 1 styled room. Check out all the swatches and catalogue entries below!

Every Object in The Sims 4 Pastel Pop Kit

Swatch Selections

Everything included in The Sims 4 First Fits Kit

Our Review of The Sims 4 Pastel Pop Kit

We could not be more in love with this Sims 4 kit if we tried! It was delightfully refreshing to finally see some actual colour after a series of uninspired “50 shades of beige” kits that were lacking in personality and ultimately? Completely forgettable.

Pastel Pop is fun, bright and yet soft at the same time, and full of personality. We love the variety of colours provided. It really is every colour of the pastel rainbow, but there are a few greys and blacks in the mix. We’re so happy with the balance of patterns and solids, too. I’m personally more of a pattern person but solids are important to have, too. This Sims 4 kit achieves that visual balance flawlessly while sticking to the same colour palette for easier mixing and matching. The whole kit has a very clear-cut, cohesive theme which we love to see.

Our personal favourite objects from this Sims 4 kit are the cookie shaped rug, the funky corkboard (which can display the postcard collection, by the way), and the adorable computer with patterned mats under the keyboard. Oh, and did we forget to mention this kit comes with two wall coverings and a shag carpet flooring? Build kits that come with wall and floor coverings are *chef’s kiss.* It’s like spaghetti and tomato sauce. It just goes together and one without the other is disappointing.

In our opinion, this kit is flawless. If we have any criticism at all, it’s that we would have liked to have seen at least one window curtain in all three wall heights. Still, we’re delighted by absolutely everything. It’s not often that we praise a Sims 4 kit so highly. We have tough standards for them to live up to, but when we say The Sims Team nailed it with Pastel Pop, we mean they nailed it!

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