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The Sims 5: Everything That Leaked


There’s been a massive leak of Project Rene / The Sims 5! Showing a Work-in-Progress of the World, Apartments and Sims.

This weekend was very busy in terms of the leaks for The Sims 5.

As we wrote in the report in early November, Project Rene game files were hacked and leaked out. According to the news report, there’s been a breach and players who weren’t involved in a closed EA Playtest were able to hack through the game files and pirate it.

Considering that the game is multiplayer and that the playtest offered invitations to friends and family of choice, the leak was inevitable.

Just last week first images of The Sims 5 leaked on Reddit. The leak showcased Apartments, some segments of the new World and the new Workshop tool in action.

New Sims 5 Leaks – Overview

Of course it didn’t take a while for someone to snap the leaks in-game and go in-depth with everything Project Rene currently has.

The following footage material has been posted by Twitter user @TheSims5_World. The user received anonymous gameplay footage of the game and posted it on their account. Just a few days later the entire twitter account was removed. However, the resemblance of what was officially shown confirms these leaks are real.


Down below you can find the full gallery of everything that leaked over the last couple of days. Please note that the following leaks represent a Work In Progress of Project Rene / The Sims 5. Anything you see is subject to change and might not be present in the final release.

World & Environment in Sims 5


Apartment Indoors, Furnishing and Decor

Work in Progress of Sims 5 / Project Rene Characters

The following images were allegedly found in the game files of Sims 5 / Project Rene playtest. Showcasing Sims / Characters that are currently Work in Progress!

Note that characters in Project Rene / Sims 5 are still a work in progress. The following images only showcase prototyping of what the characters could look like.

You can stay in the loop on all the latest news and developments on The Sims 5 right here on Sims Community!

What are your thoughts on the new leaks?

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