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Modder makes a Memory System for The Sims 4!


Lumpinou’s mods strike again! This time, by adding memories to The Sims 4!

Once again, a modder has taken it upon themselves to add missing features to The Sims 4. Lumpinou is a well-known modder best known for their popular WooHoo Wellness mod but that is certainly not all they do! Their latest project is adding a memory system to The Sims 4! The Memory Panel mod is designed to make special moments in your Sims’ lives matter more, complete with moodlets!

How The Sims 4 Memory System Mod Works

Lumpinou explains on their blog that with this mod installed, Sims will automatically retain memories for important moments in their lives as they happen. You’ll know when your Sim has acquired a new memory by a special effect that appears on your Sim, as well as a moodlet.

You can then open your Sim’s memory profile to see all their memories. Some memories related to relationships may be clickable to show the Sim with which your Sim experienced that memory with. The mod is smart enough to make distinctions between a first-time memory and a repeated memory. Your Sims may not feel the same way about a certain event the second time around. For example, Sims may have different reactions to giving birth the first time versus a second or third time. They may also feel differently about getting fired multiple times or being cheated on multiple times.

Lumpinou has also added some extra features to The Sims 4 memory system mod, such as being able to ask Sims about their memories and multiple cheat options to add/remove memories. Sims will also gain a special relationship bit with the Sim they have their first WooHoo with. What’s even better? Upon first installing the mod, it will retroactively add memories to all your current Sims!

Memory List

List of Memories
Image Credit: Lumpinou

Currently, there are over 60 different types of memories Sims can acquire. Some memories are designed to work with other mods of Lumpinou’s.

Acquired a Business
 Adopted a Pet
 Became a Widow(er)
 Became an Occult
 Became President
 Became a Vampire
 Became a Spellcaster
 Became a Werewolf
 Befriended a Dolphin
 Befriended a Talking Toilet
 Made a Best Friend
 Carried a Baby for Another
 Licensed a Song
 Gave Birth
 Got Kicked Out by Parents
 Joined a Religion
 Lost Custody of Children
 Won Custody of Children
 Published a Video Game
 Mastered a Musical Instrument
 Went Scuba Diving
 Summited a Mountain
 Turned a Sim into a Vampire
 Reached the Top of a Career
 Won a Gaming Competition
 Won a Starlight Accolade
 Lost a Best Friend (ie, they died)
 Born in [insert world] Came Out
 Cheated on a Partner
 Child Taken by Social Services
 Cured of Vampirism
 Death of Child
 Death of Parent
 Death of Pet
Death of Sibling
 Degree in [degree] Dropped out of High School
 Dropped Out of University
Found a Fated Mate
 Gave birth to an Alien Baby
 Got a Job
 Got Fired
 Had a Committed Relationship
 Had a Fight
 Had a Permanent Separation
 Had a Wedding Ceremony
 Had an Abortion
 Had Children
 Had Grandchildren
 Had great Reputation
 Had terrible reputation
 Hero of Strangerville
 Kissed someone
 Moved to another “world”
 Parents Separated
 Published a book
 Saw a strange creature in space
 Sold a masterpiece
 Took gender-affirming steps
 Took Vacation to Another World
 Visited Sylvan Glade / Forgotten Grotto / Deep Woods
 Was abducted by aliens
 Was cheated on
 Was Spared by the Reaper / Nearly Died
 Was World Famous
 Won the Lottery
 WooHoo’d in Space
 Woohoo’d with someone

Lumpinou’s Blog

What’s next for the mod?

Lumpinou says they plan to add new features to the mod over time, like more memories, larger impacts for memories, more social interactions, and even Social Bunny posts! They also say that the mod can be integrated with other mods.

As for making memories chronological, Lumpinou says it’s something they would like to do and are actively working on but this is a tricky endeavour and may not be possible, so they can’t guarantee this will happen as of right now.

Currently, The Memory System Mod is in early access for Lumpinou’s patrons but will be made freely available to everyone on December 1st, 2022. You can visit Lumpinou’s patreon if you are interested in becoming a patron and receiving early access to this mod.

If you like this mod, we recommend checking out Lumpinou’s Complex Marriage Outcomes module!

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