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Set Your Cows and Llamas Free with Free Range by Lot51


Thanks to Lot51, The Sims 4 Cottage Living’s Cows and Llamas have been freed from their enclosures!

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One of the best parts about The Sims 4 Cottage Living was the ability to have a farm with cows and llamas. Unfortunately, many Simmers were disappointed that each cow or llama was attached to it’s little barn in addition to only one cow or llama could be bought per barn. All things considered, it was a good pack but we knew it could be better. Thanks to Lot51, the cows and llamas can roam free with his Sims 4 Free-Range Mod!

The Free-Range Mod allows Simmers to create their own farm with cows and llamas not attached to a small barn. Finally, the freedom to create barns and choose where the animals graze. On the positive side, the system is highly customizable and easy for Simmers to use.

Using Free-Range

Sims 4 Cottage Living Mod
From Lot51’s Website

Firstly, in buy mode, there are two areas for your animals to frequent around: the Livestock Shelter Marker and the Grazing Marker. These markers disappear when the game returns to Live Mode so they won’t interfere with any farm designs. Lastly, the Markers are located in the Outdoor Activities Category. To put it another way, if you have trouble finding them, searching for Marker will show them.

To adopt either a llama or cow, click on the ground near the Livestock Shelter Marker. In this menu, the Appaloosa Plains Ranch & Stables Market can be opened and purchased from. This Market is open daily from 6 am to 8 pm so make sure you pay attention to the time. With a variety of llamas and cows, Appaloosa Plains Ranch & Stables Market sells each animal depending on its age and also has an assortment of animal treats. The treat selection changes daily.

Taking Care of the Animals

Llamas and Cows require the same care as they do using on Cottage Living. The difference between Free-Range and Cottage Living care are the messes that the animals create. Each animal creates cow pies, trash piles, and mud puddles (Seasons required) daily and dirty animals will create an increased amount. Sims can clean up after their animals by clicking on the ground and choosing Clean Livestock Shelter. No constant clicking needed! Sims will cleanup all messes that they are able to find.

Eco Lifestyle

With Eco Lifestyle installed, Cows will become gassy. Like in real life, this extra amount of methane will affect the local eco footprint and push it towards the industrial footprint.

With Additional DLC for Sims 4 Free-Range Mod


Sims 4 cottage living mod by Lot51
From Lot51’s Website

With seasons installed, there is a special surprise when it rains! Keep an eye on the Grazing Marker when it is raining or during a full moon to see wild mushrooms grow. Sims can harvest and use these mushrooms for ingredients. Sometimes, Sims will encounter a fairy ring growing.

Get to Work

“There have been stories of strange phenomena occuring near dairy farms in the Appaloosa Plains for decades, even theories of genetic testing to gain control of the Sim’s mind! Is it just a myth, or is the Ministry of Central Intelligence hiding something?”

– From Lot51

Sims 4 Free-Range Mod Cheats

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Changes the current stock of Appaloosa Ranch and Stables Market. To summarize, these normally rotate every 24 hours.

Sims 4 Free-Range Mod’s Important Information

Required DLC: Sims 4 Cottage Living
DLC Used But Not Required: Get to Work, Seasons, and Eco Lifestyle

Mods Required to Work: Lot 51 Core Library (v. 1.4)

Overall, this mod is the perfect touch for any farming save! It makes cows and llamas feel more like real animals and less like an animal bound to it’s enclosure. The additional parts such as the fairy ring and the “strange phenomenon” add depth to the mod. Without a doubt, if you haven’t already tried Free-Range, definitely consider downloading it!

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Without delay, create more realistic farms with Lot51’s Free-Range Mod! Download for FREE on Lot51’s Website.

Problems with the Free-Range Mod?
Visit Lot51’s Discord Server for Support.

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