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Our Top 12 CC Picks for the Cool Kids!


Jazz up your kiddos’ wardrobes with these amazing hairstyles and clothes for children!

Even though we’ve gotten some great kid-centric packs and kits, children in The Sims 4 still have some pretty slim pickings in the CAS department compared to adults. Luckily for PC and Mac players, there is no shortage of custom hairstyles and clothes to choose from thanks to talented custom content creators! With the power of custom content, the possibilities are almost endless! We’ve compiled a list of our top 12 favourite Sims 4 child CC to help you dress your young Sims for success!

Sims 4 Child CC: Our Top 12 Picks!

Midge & Amanda Hair

Midge & Amanda Hair
Image Credit: NaevysSims

Creator: NaevysSims

These adorable long pigtails and swept back updo for girls are beautiful additions to your CAS collection! They are Maxis Match and base game compatible. They are also compatible with hats and come in all EA swatches. Custom thumbnails allow you to find them easily in the catalogue.

Koni Shoes

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: Madlen

Creator: Madlen

Kids are always in desperate need of more shoes to choose from and these ruffled wedge sandals are the perfect addition to any warm weather or formal outfit! They come in a variety of cute colours and will really take your Sims 4 child CC wardrobe to new heights.

Sims 4 Child CC Hair Conversion

Hair Conversion 1
Image Credit: loomella

Creator: loomella

This hair conversion for kids is super pretty! We love the shoulder length smooth waves and the side hair clip is just the perfect touch to make this hairstyle a little more fancy without going overboard. This hairstyle is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. We love versatility!

Girls Hair Dump

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: an0nymousghost

Creator: an0nymousghost

This set of three Maxis Match hairstyles for girls is superb. We could see our child Sims rocking these hairstyles as everyday casual looks and for special occasions! Make sure you remember to download the mesh for the scrunchie on the curly hair on the right! It’s always important to double check that when it comes to Sims 4 child CC.

Vevesims Hair Conversions

Vevesims Hair Conversions
Image Credit: dbasiasimblr

Creator: dbasiasimbr

Let’s hear it for the boys! We couldn’t forget about them so we found this fantastic set of hair conversions for boys; however, they can also be used on girls if you wish. They are base game compatible and hat compatible and come with toddler versions as well! What a two-for-one deal!

Get Famous Boys Hair Conversions

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: NaevysSims

Creator: NaevysSims

We’re not done showing some love to our boy Sims, yet! These Get Famous hair conversions for male children are base game compatible and look great on our kiddos! This Sims 4 child CC is compatible with hats, too!

Shearling Boots

Shearling Boots
Image Credit: Fabienne

Creator: Fabienne

Shearling boots are always in fashion and now your child Sims can rock this popular shoe style during the colder seasons! They’re the perfect shoe to complete any autumn or winter look and come in plenty of different colours to match any outfit.

Sims 4 Child CC: Liv Dress

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: Madlen

Creator: Madlen

This adorable dress for both children and toddlers is just too cute for words! We love the semi-sheer hem and plaid-patterned top with a bow at the waist! This Sims 4 child CC is so elegant and yet still casual enough to run around and play in.

Café Sweat Suit

Cafe Sweatsuit
Image Credit: nucrests

Creator: nucrests

This two piece sweat suit for kids comes in both solid and pattern variants so you can really mix and match your little Sims’ style. Look cute or punk depending on what swatches you pick out. It looks so warm and comfy, too. Can we get one for ourselves in real life, please?

Sims 4 Child CC: 10k Pack

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: casteru

Creator: casteru

This full set of Sims 4 child CC comes with three new hairstyles and three clothing items for girls so you get a lot of new content to work with all in one download! Everything comes in 20-25 swatches to give you lots of freedom to mix and match different colours and styles!

Edwardian Child Clothes

Edwardian Clothes for Kids
Image Credit: chere-indolente

Creator: chere-indolente

This one’s for you History Challenge players! These Edwardian dresses for children will give your historical playthroughs a more authentic feel. The dresses also come with a brooch and smock overlay to further customize your child Sims’ historical look.

Korinna Jacket

Sims 4 Child CC
Image Credit: Madlen

Creator: Madlen

And finally, we have a gorgeous unisex puffer jacket for both children and toddlers! The jacket is layered over a warm knitted turtleneck sweater and is the perfect winter look for your little Sims!

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