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The Sims 4: New Kits Now Available!


Fancy Underwear and Clutter: The Sequel. The Sims 4’s latest Kits are out now!

ARTICLE UPDATE: EA released a new statement through The Sims Direct about the Kits not being available on the EA App. They’re working on resolving the issue.

Hey Simmers! Regarding today’s Kits release, we are currently experiencing some delays/errors when it comes to purchasing & accessing the two Kits across platforms. Please sit tight as the team works toward a resolution.


The Sims Team has just released their 18th and 19th Kit for The Sims 4!

The Bathroom Clutter Kit is the second Clutter Kit release for the game. This one focuses solely on clutter you’d find in a used Bathroom space. Check out some of the new objects previewed below:

The Simtimates Collection Kit is a CAS Kit, adding new clothing to Create A Sim. This Kit specifically focuses on intimate underwear and loungewear. Check out the previews:

You can check out the thumbnail objects and clothing preview of these Kits here!

Where to purchase the new Sims 4 Kits

Both Kits are now available for $4.99USD each, or a price equivalent to your local currency. The new Kits can be purchased from official online retail stores, including:

Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit

Sims 4 Simtimates Collection Kit

Looking for a full preview of all the new items and swatches? Stick around on our Sims 4 Kits page!

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