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How to Browse Intelligence in The Sims 4


Learn how to browse intelligence as a secret agent!

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If your Sims have chosen a career as a Secret Agent in The Sims 4 base game, you might have noticed Browse Intelligence Database pop up as one of their daily tasks. This task pops up again and again, starting at very low levels in the career. Your secret agent Sims will have to do this task almost daily in order to get promoted, so if you don’t know how to browse intelligence, you’re bound to have a hard time climbing the Secret Agent career ladder. Luckily, you’re in the right place to learn! We’re going to tell you exactly how to browse the intelligence database in the Secret Agent career!

How to Browse Intelligence in the Sims 4

browse intelligence

You can find the Browse Intelligence Database option on any computer under the Web category. This is probably why so many players have a hard time finding the option. It would make more sense to have it under the Career category on the computer. For whatever reason, it’s not. It’s in the Web category.

The Browse Intelligence Database option only appears if your Sim is in the Secret Agent career. Sims not in this career will not see this option under the Web category on the computer. It will have the Secret Agent career icon next to it to help you spot it faster.

To complete this work task, your Sim needs to do this activity for approximately two in-game hours so it’s a bit of a time sink. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary time sink if you want to get promoted. Get in the habit of performing the Browse Intelligence task in The Sims 4 every day and your Sims will be on the road to becoming a Diamond Agent or a Villain in no time at all!

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