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Walkthrough of the Realistic Childbirth Mod Update


Ultrasounds, stretch marks, birth complications and more!

The Realistic Childbirth Mod by PandaSama is one of my absolute favourite mods for The Sims 4. I never miss a chance to cover new developments and updates for it and the latest update is an exciting one! Pregnant Sims can now announce their pregnancy to their partner, cuddle and nap with their partner, have ultrasounds done at the hospital, get stretch marks and c-section scars, and even experience birth complications! Of course, there are toggles for many of these features in case some of these things are too upsetting for Simmers.

Let’s dive right into everything the latest mod update has to offer!

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod: Ultrasound Update

The latest update for The Sims 4 Childbirth Mod comes with lots of new features, from the beginning to the end of pregnancy!

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod: Pre-Labour

Pregnancy Announcements

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

I’ve always disliked the Maxis “Share Big News” interaction. It’s just too silly and goofy-looking and the other Sim is always happy about the pregnancy, no matter what. It’s predictable and boring. Panda apparently thinks so, too, because she’s added a custom interaction for this moment!

After finding out your Sim is pregnant, they can click on their partner and Share Pregnancy News. If neither Sim has the Hates Children trait, they will be happy about the pregnancy, but if one or both Sims does have the Hates Children trait, they will be very upset about the news!

Napping Together


Pregnant Sims can now take a quick nap with their partner or good friends on a couch! Just click the couch and select Nap Together. The Sims must have at least +30 Friendship or +30 Romance to be able to do this.

As always, the animation is super adorable. Panda always outdoes herself with every new animation she makes. This latest Sims 4 childbirth mod update is no exception.


Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Pregnant Sims can cuddle with their partner on a double bed now, too. This is another romantic interaction, so click on your Sim’s partner and look for the Pregnancy Cuddle interaction under the Romance social category.

The pregnant Sim’s partner will rub the pregnant Sim’s belly while cuddling on the bed and it is positively adorable, like we expected. Sims who do not have the Hates Children trait will also receive positive moodlets from this heartwarming interaction.

Ultrasound Examinations


Pregnant Sims can go to the hospital to have ultrasound examinations done anytime during their pregnancy! To do this, just have your Sim call the obstetrician through the cell phone and choose to have an ultrasound done!

Once you arrive at the hospital, you will need to use the bb.enablefreebuild cheat to go into the Build/Buy catalogue and place down the custom ultrasound scan object. Search the term “Ultrasound Machine” to bring it up right away if you can’t find it in the catalogue. Make sure you place the ultrasound machine somewhere accessible with nothing blocking access to it.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

Go back into Live Mode and click on the ultrasound object to have your ultrasound done! If your Sim brought their partner with them, they will join your Sim for the ultrasound autonomously. You can also switch control to them and tell them to join by clicking on the pregnant Sim if they don’t go on their own for whatever reason.

When the scan is finished, your Sim will have a copy of the ultrasound in their inventory. The ultrasound can then be shown to other Sims, framed, and displayed either on a wall or a surface.


Getting an ultrasound scan unlocks the ability to Share Pregnancy News with family and friends under the Friendly social category. Make sure the ultrasound is in your Sim’s inventory or the interaction will be greyed out and unclickable in the social pie menu.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod: Active Labour

Birth Complications

Sims who choose to give birth at home may experience a birth emergency in the new Sims 4 childbirth mod update. Their labour can stall. There is a 10% chance that a pregnancy with a single baby will have a stalled labour at home. If the Sim is pregnant with multiple babies, this chance increases to 30%.

If your Sim may be experiencing a stalled labour, you will receive an orange notification. The notification will instruct you to continue monitoring the situation and if labour does not start progressing again, your Sim could require an emergency c-section at the hospital.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

During a stalled labour, your Sim’s dilation will slow down; however, the situation can resolve itself sometimes. The labour can speed up again after an hour. You can also have a midwife check on the baby to help get the labour going again, too. The midwife will tell your Sim if they are having a medical emergency and need a c-section.

If your Sim does need to have an emergency c-section, you’ll be prompted to go to the hospital but if you don’t want this, you can click the X to just ignore the notification. The labour will progress normally again and there are no negative consequences if you just decide to cancel the whole emergency situation.


If you choose to go to the hospital, your Sim will travel to the hospital lot. When they arrive, they’ll receive an epidural and be prepped for a c-section immediately. If they aren’t immediately tended to, you can ask one of the doctors to perform the c-section.

Unassisted Birth

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

If you want to give birth at home but don’t want a birthing partner to assist you with the delivery, your Sims can give birth unassisted in this Sims 4 childbirth mod update. To give birth without any assistance, place a baby bassinet anywhere on the lot and click it. Choose Unassisted Birth.


Your Sim will kneel down and give birth on their own wherever they were standing when you issued the command. They won’t go to the bassinet.

The unassisted birth animation only supports one baby; if your Sim is pregnant with multiples, all the babies will still join the family.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod: Post Labour

Stretch Marks and Surgery Scars

Sims will now get stretch marks in their third trimester in this Sims 4 childbirth mod update! By default, the stretch marks will slowly fade over a period of 3 days after birth but you can make them permanent in the mod settings if you want to.

Sims who give birth via c-section will have post-surgery scarring. The scars will slowly fade over a period of 4 days.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod

And if you were tired of seeing that ugly red flashing heart above your Sim’s head during labour, you’re in luck! That eyesore? Gone! Your Sims will have subtle sparkles around their feet, instead.

For Simmers who are sensitive to scarring and birth emergencies, Panda added the option to toggle off stretch marks, scarring, and birth emergencies in the mod settings. Just SHIFT+Click your Sim with the testingcheats true cheat enabled and you’ll find the toggles under Childbirth Settings.

Sims 4 Childbirth Mod Information

All of the features described in this article are part of the latest update. This update will be free for everyone on February 10th, 2023. The previous version of the mod supports home births and is free to download right now.

For more walkthroughs on previous versions of this mod, check out some of our past articles!

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