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The Sims 4 Custom Content Furniture Showroom Pack Overview

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30+ new objects coming next month in The Furniture Showroom Collection!

SixamCC has revealed a brand-new The Sims 4 Custom Content Pack!

This exciting new custom content collection is a compilation of various ideas that didn’t seem to fit into other collections. However, this is where the idea of The Sims 4 Furniture Showroom came from. Multiple small custom content pieces bundled together in this unique compilation.

The creator also wanted to recreate the much loved and iconic heart-shaped Bed and Hot Tub from the original The Sims game. Inspired by the nostalgia of the original game, and the Pass The Spark music video from Anitta. The WooHoo Custom Content Collection is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Heart Shaped Hot Tub from The Furniture Showroom CC Pack

Alongside the nostalgic new objects, you will find several more mini custom content collections. These include a motel style patio, a sun-room, eclectic reading area, mini study and bathroom. Each of the collections brings its own unique charm to custom content pack overall!

Let’s take a closer look at what comes in this Sims 4 custom content collection!

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The Sims 4 Custom Content: Furniture Showroom Preview

The Furniture Showroom CC Pack Cover Art
  • 38 items, all the custom content is base game compatible.
  • Comfort: 3 Chairs, Sofa chair, Heart-shaped Bed.
  • Build: 1 Wallpaper, 3 Carpet Floors.
  • Decorative: 2 Plants, Painting, Circle Wall Sculpture, Ceiling fan (3 Sizes), Mirror.
  • Lighting: Desk Lamp, Heart Night Table Lamp, Ceiling Lamp (3 Sizes), 3 Neon Lights.
  • Plumbing: Sink, Bath Tub, Heart-shaped Hot Tub (base game and functional).
  • Storage: Empty Bookcase (functional).
  • Surface: 2 Dining Table, 3 Coffee Tables, Mini Stand Table.
The Furniture Show Room Custom Content Pack: Heart Shaped Bed
The Furniture Show Room Custom Content - Eclectic Reading Room and Bathroom
The Furniture Show Room Custom Content - Motel Patio and Sun Room

Image gallery of Sims 4 Furniture Showroom Custom Content Pack

Object Showcase

The Furniture Showroom CC Pack Objects Overview
Objects showcase of the Boho Baby CC Set by SixamCC

This upcoming Custom Content Pack from SixamCC is currently available for Early Access as part of their Tier 1 content on Patreon. The public release for this collection has been set for 28th March 2023.

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of this Sims 4 Custom Content collection here on Sims Community!

You can find out more about SixamCC’s and how to get early access over on The Furniture Showroom CC Pack Page!

Want to know more about the latest Sims 4 Custom Content? Stay up to date here.

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